How to play Tremulous 1.3 with bots?

Hi there, how to add bots to Tremulous?

Is there any server to find that has bots running?

Can I get them locally somehow?

Trying to run invasion (see How to play tremulous offline with bots - YouTube ) in trem1.3 leads to:

It works in 1.1 but I was thinking of normal (1.1?) game mode.


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Currently the AA Zombies server has bots. The zombies are bots.


A decent bot system for 1.3 is something high up on our priorities, and we did start working on it, although it isn’t yet up to speed enough for public testing, but if all goes well, we should have something ready for public testing in a few weeks.

We have been using code from a few different sources as a starting point, partly from the Tremulous gpp mod that was known as BotsCamp ( ), partly from the original Quake III bot system, and partly from the Tremulous 1.1 mod CoW ( ), and a lot of new implementation with that, like a new path editing system redone from scratch. Although the overall is in process of a major overhaul.

This particular bot system will be a path node based system where you would have to manually place path nodes for each map. However, what actions can be taken to get from one path node to another nearby path node, and the optimal paths to take depending on which class/upgrade/weapon you have would be automatically determined. Additionally regarding the navigation aspect, the bots will decide given their location, target and situation if it is more optimal to continue with what they have, or if they should attempt to change their class/upgrade/weapon. One of the notable features from Quake III we are also looking to include is their objective stack system, which allowed the Quake III bots to solve puzzle/mission type maps, but we can extend the objectives to include Tremulous game play objectives, like how to destroy enemy spawns, etc. This system will be available for all of Trem 1.3’s game modes (that is Vanilla, Chocolate, Swirl, and later Strawberry modes).

Regarding loading trem 1.1 mods entirely directly in Trem 1.3 (that is not counting having a 1.1 tremded host such a mod with the 1.3 client connecting), such mods would have to more or less be “multiprotocolized” (converted). For someone experienced enough with modding, they could refer to the multiprotoclized slacker repo as a reference on how to apply that conversion to other 1.1 mods, but once I release the multiprotocolized Aussie Assault code ( ), that would probably be a better reference. I personally don’t have plans on multiprotocolizing any other 1.1 mods after Aussie Assault, but anyone else who wants to always could.

Still, I might be a bit biased, but I’m pretty sure that when this new 1.3 bot system is done, it will probably be objectively better than all previous bot systems used in any previous Tremulous mod, but we’ll see.

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