/howfair a game is? idea for 1.3


By using player efficiency data Player Efficiency rating and K/D rating idea for 1.3 a !howfair command could be used to somehow measure how fair is a game for each team. Showing itself as a value from 0 to 1, always trying to keep a 0.50 ratio. Being closest to 0 for A team advantage and closer to 1 for B team advantage. Between 0.45 and 0.55 would be a fair ratio in terms of efficiency, calculated from all the players from each team. → All levels free to use.

  • /balance (auto called serverside each minute) → just an idea if an autobalance tool is created using howfair calculations, putteaming players to make howfair calculation between fair ratios, but without each team having more players than another. If someone wants to play one team because they wanted to play in that team, just join spec and wait for the balance tool to balance itself again. → admin use only.

Please place your thoughts about this.

Played with this kind of thing before, mostly infuriating because you as a player are at the mercy of an admin if you want to play with friends.

So why would you even have the system in place if people are just going to dodge it, waste of time and will only cause rq’s / people sitting in spec.

I don’t get this, why would the player get infuriated?, this would just tell how fair the game is at the moment. If an admin is online it should join the disadvantaged team, just like when your team have more people than the other you change teams to even them out.

Yeah, I think players shouldn’t be drafted to play in a team they doesn’t want, but if they are open minded and helpful they would just play along and they can play the other team in another opportunity.

Because from what i understand /balance causes the teams to be shuffled to achieve the fairest possible teams, thus you most likely won’t be in the same team as your friends[quote=“Woodbury, post:3, topic:1707”]
but if they are open minded and helpful they would just play along and they can play the other team in another opportunity.

Naive, wont happen, it will only be abused like tf2 autobalance

Instead of forcing players to switch teams, perhaps better players on off balanced teams could stay in the spawn queue longer until they switch teams to balance, or until the teams become balanced without the individual player switching? Or there could be some other mechanism that shifts the game play edge in off balanced teams?

It’s called: “Not being an asshole”

That mechanism can be buggy at times.

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I like the evaluation system but this should only be used to encourage them to strive harder for victory or perhaps try less conventional/less practiced weapons and classes depending on the ratio output.

Autobalance and spawn restriction just cripples skilled players. It’s not fair.

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Oh I got a new idea, using the evaluation system prompt a question like a vote to the specific player the autobalance system selects to even teams, and offer the player to change teams with evo/credit benefit and a +karma for the help?
You can always say no and the system will ask another player until it is even.

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As long as there is a choice, that sounds great.

Define benefit


Like reddit.

Imho, “team balance” should be purely technical, where pings and number of players are roughly even. Forcing any kind of team switch like this for “balance” based on the player’s stats will likely just lead to more games that stalemate.

Maybe players who are always willing to switch should set themselves as a “free agent”, and be prompted to switch when teams are unbalanced.

not sure if i understand. you want to add a vote that will automatically put a specified player to different team? like /callvote rebalance woodbury?

No, what I said is to add a manless tool to take care of balancing the game, which ask the players if they want to change team to even them out. I referred to the vote prompt because it is the only one available to make an example in trem, but It wont be a vote.