Humans & Aliens Suggested Add-Ons

Okay, first I will say is humans.
I was thinking since s2 gave them 2 new weapons and 2 accessories, why not let s3 get 1 more of each.
Weapon: Stun Gun (RC rechargeable)
Cost: 500
What it Does: Can stun an enemy in a time of need. Has 5 shots total (1 in chamber at a time) and it takes 25 Damage and stuns enemy for 2 seconds. Idealistic for a rush.
Accessory:Exo Suit
Cost: 550
What it Does: Is full body armor weaker than the battlesuit, but has a radar like a helmet, and it allows a human to double jump in the air without losing stamina. Player can not spam the double jump. It takes 5 seconds (or more) to load back up fully. Immune to BASI grab, and poison. Adv Maras Shock disables to suit for a second.

Now the aliens to balance. A new s2 and s3 alien!
Alien: Scallion unlocked s2
Cost: 3 evos (comes after adv mara)
What it Does: Immune to the Stun of the Stun Gun but takes double the damage from it. The scallion has a single barb that intoxicates the human and damages them 1/4 of their hp and depletes 1hp unless medkit is used. Wears off in 15 secons elsewise (Mouse3). It has a weak bite tha takes 1/16 max hp, with booster 1/10(Mouse1/1/32 and 1/20 with armour). Mouse2 allows the alien to give a poison aura to allies that need booster poison. Can be used once unless recharged.
Mostly known as a poisonous demon. It’s barb and aura recharges when it is full hp at a booster.
Movement and HP: Has five legs and moves fast as a dretch. It can’t wallwalk, but it has a large body as a scorpion. Max hp is 150 (Just a really advanced dretch that can take a hit ya know?)
Alien: Nekcark (Kracken!) Unlocked s3
Cost: 4/5 evos your debate.
What it Does: Counter part to the exosuit.
Has 2 electrical shocking balls that stun the exosuit.(Mouse3) The shock takes 5 Damage and cancels the suits jump. The downfall of it is that it refuels ammo (if refilled by rc). The alien has a grab that can hold the exosuit but the alien itself can’t damage and can only hold for 3 seconds. The grab recharges after 10 seconds. (Mouse2) now its main attack.(mousr1) It has a chomp of 75 on body, and 100 headshot(naked) with helmet and armour it takes 1/3 of damage on naked. Battlesuit, it pierces 5% more than other aliens. 78/2- 39 Damage body shot, 105/2- 52 headshot. Exosuit is same damage as helm and armour.
Movement and hp: Moves as fast as a goon. Can wall walk lol. It is medium sized, picture a Mara with tentacles k cool. Hp- 300
Regarding the barbs. They don’t damage human buildings. Neutral effect, but it hits all humans the same as exosuits, but it just doesn’t have the same effect. They recharge in 30 seconds for both or 15 for one by standing by rc.

I had difficulties typing this because I’m on my phone but I was brainstorming and I would have forgot otherwise lol.
Hope you guys like the ideas :smiley:

I really like the idea of an exo suit. Maybe we would have to make the adv basilsk a little better in response to it having it’s grab taken away.

So the adv mara disables the exo suit? I like that too, hopefully it would make maras a little more viable, since they’re hardly used. At the moment it seems that it’s just dretch to goon to tryant without mara/adv mara or basi/adv basi being used much except by a couple of players.

I like the fact you have specific niche counters for both aliens and humans. It makes having 1-2 of these on your team useful rather than everyone going goon or shotgun for damage.

Thanks Taylor and Ckit!
Taylor: I agree with what you say for adv basi, but keep in mind exosuit unlocks at s3.
Ckit: I do think it will help with the things you listed, downfall is it comes at s3. Also I had to make counters because it would make people actually want to use them.