I cant get into the GrangerHub server

Hi! idk why i cant enter into the server i have downloaded trem from tremulous.net > sourceforge i think its the 1.1 version.
i can get into W Z and others but when i try in grangerhub the game the game comes out and sends me to the desk leaving a message saying : caught signal 1. copy to the clipboard, or something like that. ah! i have tremfusion (a blue skull). my english its not good so, if someone can answer me in spanish better! if not NP

Are you using a HUD by any chance?

Oh god. It’s Punky. We’re all fucking doomed.

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and you are?

Welcome to GrangerHub Punky :smiley: ! Were you able to fix your problem with connecting to GrangerPub from MaeJong’s suggestion?

well im downloading the trem again, without the pedros volt hud, will see in 30 min! I’m looking foward to playing on a normal server, I 've been playing nine years ago but I retire for a while

i know maejong, shadow and campbellz or some veteran still playing?

MaeJong plays under the name Aph@Hiv. I do not believe Shadow or Campbellz still play.

Our once forsaken God has returned once more to bless and save Tremulous! Hail Punky for he has come to heal our game in ways unparalleled. Our savior, the people’s son and father, the evangelic metaphysical almsgiver. Our future is bright brethren; Julia will be slain, Vash will be tamed, and dare I say it - Desala will be ridden.

[/obvious sarcasm] Sieg Heil Punky! [don’t take out of context pls/]

jokes aside

Welcome back Punky, good luck with your Tremulous problems. To my knowledge both Shadow and Campbellz are inactive, an array of new personalities play nowadays, with a few oldies scattered here and there.