[Idea] Advanced Dretch

This thread ties to Scaling Default Classes Idea.

It was always curious to me that on the alien side, the Granger gets an upgrade but the Dretch does not. For Humans, making the default classes better can be relatively cheap by buying Larmour (175) and/or a Helmet (90). The aliens don’t have this luxury, so having Dretches run around at S3 became a problem if they fed.

We can make the Dretch faster. Stronger. Better. Advanced.
(Or atleast not suck as hard lategame)

Lets think up of some ideas for it.

One example is from a Trem1.1 mod I played years ago (Forgot what it was, maybe someone here knows), where an ADV Dretch had a ALT “drill” attack which also launched the dretch’s current momentum longer than normal. The “Drill” attack would basically act as multiple headbits in whatever direction you were launching into.

Its also worth looking into this old Trem.net thread to see what people during it’s prime thought of S3 Dretch.

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New Edge has an advanced dretch that has 40 hp, can pounce (the pounce does no extra damage, biting is still used), and gives a bit human an infection (like poison) that spreads to other nearby humans (although infection might not be the best term since irl infections are not contagious).