Idea: Head-replacing breath

Add an advanced tyrant with only 100 more HP, but a special breath which will replace human heads with cow heads. Because cow heads are much heavier, the affected humans will fatigue much more quickly and their huge heads will be much easier to hit as well. Battlesuits get metal cow heads as well, with the same effects.


These are some wacky ideas, however perhaps there should be an gas that fatigues the humans instead?


And results in an alergic reaction that swells their heads.


What if Unvanquished developers finally think “maybe lamefun and GORE were right and we were in denial” and fix the game when they are no longer busy? GrangerHub will not be able to compete with true-thinking Unvanquished unfortunately, so I think GrangerHub should take a new direction and become a non-serious humans vs aliens game, with all kinds of wacky stuff (think Team Fortress 2). There already 3 serious human vs. alien games that I know of: Natural Selection 2, Murnatan and Unvanquished.

Warning: Incoming wall of text, brace yourselves for impact…

Silliness & seriousness are fuzzy subjective terms, and there have been a lot of games that might be generally considered “silly” (examples that come to mind: maybe Flappy bird, maybe Garry’s Mod, maybe as @lamefun mentioned Team Fortress 2 ) which has been more successful than a lot of games generally considered “serious”.

Actually turning human heads into actual cow heads might not be something we will do for the default swirl game play for 1.3. I’m not completely ruling out the notion, and certainly not ruling it out for consideration in something post 1.3 full release, and perhaps @lamefun’s proposal of making wackiness fundamental might be a very good way to go. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t something cool from the idea that might be inspired that would work with and enhance the vision we have for this current game play we are developing. That applies to any “silly” idea.

Additionally, there might be mods that will pop up that might use exactly the idea proposed in the original post, and such a mod may become very popular. There have been plenty examples in the past of Tremulous mods with all sorts of wacky features, that were very fun and popular (the F server comes to mind as an example).

I believe that fun game play is top priority. Sure there are a lot of other important aspects to consider in a game such as the capabilities of a game engine (actually the current game engine we are using has more capabilities than what most of the current assets takes advantage of, and there is still potential to do a lot more with it by no longer holding ourselves back with backwards compatibility), and after we have the full release of 1.3, nothing is stopping us from either breaking backwards compatibility and greatly improving the current engine, or moving to a more advanced engine (which would even the playing field for us in many ways).

But in the grand scheme of things there are a ton of games available out there on advanced game engines, with plenty of “eye candy” (an astronomical amount greater than the 3 games @lamefun mentioned ), and even if/when we were to get all of that for this game, why choose to play this game over the countless other games available of such visual/etc quality? What is most important is that players enjoy whatever they spend their precious finite free time on, and even an exceptional game engine doesn’t guarantee that they will enjoy a game that uses it, if the potential isn’t realized in a “right” way.

There is nothing to lose in opening our minds, letting loose, and exploring ideas through brainstorming and consideration (and have fun in the process). Just thinking and discussing something alone isn’t a commitment to implementing that something, and I can guarantee that there will be more dead-ends to explored paths, than found treasure, but no buried treasured will be found if no digging is done, there is no learning without mistakes, there is no reward without risk.


The purpose of this category is to encourage more creativity, so that potentially awesome ideas can be discovered and we could have a lot more to work with in implementation. So channel your inner silliness, think outside of convention, and let the creativity flow.


With that said, to get back on the topic, perhaps other kinds of head changes should be considered from advanced rant breath, like what if the human’s head changed into a unicorn’s head, and the horn presented a sharp hazard for nearby humans (which is more of a risk while in the base gathered around the armoury/medistat)?


We need another F server but this time with wonky ideas, like the las gun that shoots nukes.


Why not have it so your head swells up and breaks your helmet, then it goes back to normal. :wink: