[Idea] Replace the jetpack with the propeller beanie

Replace the jetpack with the propeller beanie. Here is an artist’s depiction:

Casquette a helice” by Nemosandman - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

You can’t wear the helmet while you wear the propeller beanie. The propeller beanie will offer some head protection but not as much as the helmet, and the propeller beanie will not have built-in radar. However, it would deliver damage to anything that it encounters directly from the top of the propeller. Moving while flying with the propeller beanie would not be controlled by the wasd keys, but by looking around. You can also direct where the propeller can do damage by looking around.

After proposing my idea to cron, he suggested that we should also replace light armor with rainbow suspenders:

If anyone is willing to make these models, the necessary coding could be written and testing would begin on the test7341 server would begin as soon as possible.


Wouldnt this just encourage people to headbutt alien structures spammed on the ceiling?

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What’s wrong with that? Btw more skill would be required to fly with a propeller beanie than a jetpack as the act of aiming also moves you around.

What about aliens? They need their very own beanie aswell.

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Beanies are technological in nature (i.e. for humans). Any ideas for a biological feature for aliens to have to counter the propeller beanie? Such a biological counter feature shouldn’t copy the propeller beanie’s properties, as alien features should remain asymmetrical to humans which is one of the fundamental aspects of Tremulous that makes Tremulous awesome.

Give grangers a shovel. Basically just make their model as if they were ‘‘buried’’, disable wallwalk, and cancel the function if they aren’t touching ground. That or they could be farting rainbows to fly.


Would this be like a portable hovel function?

(No, remember the thread about the alien that goes through walls? Well this one could “dig” or bury himself underground, except it’s basically just a re-model for when it’s buried and whenever it isn’t touching a surface (in this case the floor) its state/model go back to normal. It doesn’t actually go under the floor, it’s just hidden.)

— OH WAIT I just understood. Yes it could basically be a portable hovel, except you can still see a part of its butt (granger is fat) and it doesn’t stop damages. It could perhaps also reduce its hitbox so that it could pass under some parts of the map it’s not supposed to. (That could be problematic though tbh.)

No. Going where you are not supposed to is a Good Thing ™.

!nobuild - exists to prevent excessive tomfoolery.

Yes, but depending on the size of the hitbox (smaller than dretch i.e.) you could get to places where humans would never even be able to see you on some maps.

Yep I like a good trollolollol.