[Idea] Scaling Default Classes

One of the worst scenarios you can get yourself into during a match of Tremulous is to be at S3, overextend yourself and be left with maybe 2 Evos or 200 credits (etc).

Of course, you didn’t want this to happen, so conservative players would only be willing to take risks during a group rush or rely on nearby structures to pick up the slack (especially humans).

As S3 humans, it is not acceptable (even in pubs) to stay naked. Good players like Dragoons or ADV Basilisks would get easy kills off naked noobs, so even with few credits you were expected to atleast pick up a Helmet upgrade to avoid being 1-shotted.

As S3 aliens, you were generally worse off since dretches and Basilisks were basically fodder for anyone with a Bsuit. Usually people I saw would prefer to keep their Evos until they can be Dragoon or ADV Maurader and keep ramming into humans until they got a lucky assist Evo or wait.

My suggestion is simple. As the game progresses, the default Dretch/Rifle classes are upgraded to stay more competitive in the lategame.

Stage 1:

  • Humans start naked with either a rifle or a ckit.
  • Aliens start as either Basic Granger or Basic Dretch.

Stage 2:

  • Humans start with Light Armour + Rifle or Light Armour + Adv C
  • Aliens start as either Adv Granger or Adv Dretch

Stage 3:

  • Humans start with Light Armour + Helmet + Rifle or Light Armour + Helmet + ADV ckit
  • Aliens start as Adv Granger or Adv Dretch thats already been boosted



Yes, that’s the way towards the truth!


That is actually a pretty good idea. Would reduce the learning curve. DO IT.