Ideas for alien projectiles

Any projectiles made by aliens should be able to press buttons and go through human portals.


Having any porjectile (both alien and human) pass through portals is definitely something planned :slight_smile: . Currently the alien projectiles can activate any button that can be activated by damage, it is just that some buttons can only be activated by pushing (set by the mapper). I think the reason for that is in some maps buttons are meant to be activated only by a certain team.

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Buttons : Human hand scanners so aliens cant open the door that is activated by the humans. The door would only open for aliens if they deal a certain amount of damage to open the door for like 10 - 20 seconds ( maybe longer ) . :slightly_smiling_face:


Human gun projectiles ( That dont hit target straight away ) : Lucifer Cannon is one of those guns and if you quickly turn while charging the gun you can make the ball of energy ( that comes from luci ) bend around a corner or something :slightly_smiling_face: