I'm back beauties!

Hi, I know I might have not left in a good manner, but to be fair, I wanted to make a small test to see how people really liked the project and how they’d react to a post like I did.

In the meantime I took some time to learn C++ (mostly for unreal, but most of the code is the same as tremulous, I learned C++ before learning UnrealScript anyway…)

Now that I’ve got some knowledge on C++ I’d really like to get back into the team to help you guys on the codding.
I’ve learned how to use SourceTree as well, so commiting/pushing/pulling should be fairly ok.

Once again, I’m sorry if I’ve had the wrong effect with my previous post, but I really didn’t mean it in a bad way, I just didn’t want to explain my plan to others since it could have ruined it ^^’.

Oh, and could I maybe have my slack account reactivated please? I might have deactivated it last time.


Awesome! Welcome back. :slight_smile:


Welcome back to the team @avarthar , it is good to see you here again :slight_smile: !


Welcome back @avarthar ! :smiley: