I'm looking for a clan to join. Any clan will do

I’m looking for a clan to join cuz im lonely out here. So is there a clan that will take me? here is some info on me:

-my in-game name is: mfg^

-I play 2 or 5 hours a day

-I’ve been playing trem for a while now

and this is all i can think of.

I hope a clan will take in, like i said im lonely :frowning:.


The Nation of Stupidity like to pick up anyone they can get their hands on, you should inquire about their hospitality.

@faceman is their babysitter.


ok thanks @bird for telling me a clan I can join. :slight_smile:

lol good one. i think its ironic and funny how the only like on your post is from someone we declined
:joy: :joy:

but back on topic @OMFG i look forward to playing with you when i find time! maybe you can one day be apart of nos.



ur memes r weak

get back on topic please

Oh. Yes. Unlike the elite clan of Fk|, where only the best, the brightest and the players with the largest penises are chosen based on their unadulterated skill in a 10-year old standalone Quake 3 mod. Such prominent members have shown in this thread to resort to posting memes as counter-arguments. :clap:


I in fact, agree with @bird. The Nation of Stupidity is a clan where we open our arms to anyone competent and willing to make Tremulous a cool place to be. We seek to chill, have fun and maybe rekt some noobs in clan matches. I’ve (officially) been a member since 2011 and never regretted it.

If you’d like, please check our forum subcatagory here and the official NoS forum here. Hope to see you in-game someday. :slight_smile:


i learnt this skill from the gr8 trem wooper ur faes, his vast contribution and maturity on other threads of these forums have prompted me to acclimate myself to his elite skills


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srs bznz on this srs clan inquiry thrd


That’s PMW :wink:


LOL Blizz

Anyway bird I would be happy if you know how memes work :wink:

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