Improving an old map (a few screenshots)

I’ve decided to improve and finish an old map of mine that never got out of the alpha stage. reason i gave up on it is because i couldn’t get the elevator to work. So i never finished it.

Here are a few old screenshots. I’ll post new pictures of improvements every so often.

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cool get that elevator to work! :smile:

Going to try. If anyone know how to make a functioning elevator please let me know, I tried using Station15’s map file to figure out how to get an elevator to work using (func_train) with no luck. Map also needs a lot of work and more detail. My main concern is getting a working elevator though, Its one of the most difficult things to do imo.

Func_door, or if you want a button/lever activated door, use a func_button linked to a func_door. Open the entity properties window with N and calculate the lip/speed/whatever is needed. That is if you want a basic up/down/left/right plaform/elevator.

Please caulk the cracks in that glass. :<