In-game music

I would lilke to make a music for tremulous, but I need your opinion, what kind of sound could match with tremulous’s gameplay?

Dead space alike. :stuck_out_tongue:

Like that?

oh, I actually meant something about enviroment sound like dead space.

Start at 2:02

BTW, faster than light is a nice game, never won 1 match against the big ship though.

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I normally listen to stuff like this when i play
To me it matches the atmosphere (imo) but if you are talking about the menu screen then nvm

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I like to listen to music when I play, but sound is quite important so I often play without.

What kind of music?

Genre wise I will listen to anything besides rap.

When I hear a song I really like I add it to my playlist, I don’t seem to favour a particular genre.

For tremulous I would rather something less distracting.


Darude - Sandstorm… on repeat. Nothing else.


not a huge fan of nightwish but amaranth is a really good song of theirs

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I don’t think you realise how diverse rap is as a genre.

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I don’t care

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As soon as NewTrem gets VOIP support, I’ll just spam music tracks over the air until I’m banned. Its been a internet tradition since CS 1.5.

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Bring Me The Horizon
Bullet for my Valentine
Parkway Drive

Drake -

6 Man
6 God


X gon give it to ya
Where the hood at
Ruff Ryder’s anthem

Waka Flocka -
Bustin at em
Hard in the paint

Anything Kevin Gates

Kendrick Lamar -

Vice city
Backseat freestyle
Maad city

Meek Mill -

Niggas in Paris freestyle
I’m on one freestyle
Lord Knows
Rose Red
Dope Dealer
DnN Intro
Good Day

2 Chainz -

GOOD Morning

Jay Z -

Devil is a lie
Big Pimpin

A lot of others that I couldn’t remember

@Hendrich: My setups include Jack audio, and tremulous can see it automatically.

I had the same idea, but we tested voip on the test server a few months back. It was absolute shit.

Voip is something to look into fixing after the initial release, the voice commands should be nice to use in the meantime (which is on the todo list for the initial release).

It would be nice if we could import use our own music and make our own playlists.

Btw I made a music for trem, but I don’t like it.

if you wanna check: