In need of xserverx tremded

i really need a copy of xserverx tremded but i dont know how to compile it into a exe ind i have tried for a while and i rely want xserxerx tremded

@ZMike What does xserverx tremded have that you are looking for ??

FWIW, @Xembie can be found on #grangerhub IRC and in game sometimes, he is probably the best source of information regarding xserverx codes.

i am looking for xserverx tremded so i can play zombie server i have the qvm’s but not a tremded and i dont know how to uild the tremded i have been looking for thing so i can play zombie for almost 2 years and now i am so close i can tast me playing the zombie server again

@ZMike , see this link: GrangerHub Forum - Tremulous Forums

Appearently @IronClaw has the code, and @AppleZ did setup a zombie server not too long ago. Also @oblivion has been working on setting one up.


ZMike you should talk with @oblivion he had the zombie qvm running last week I think, dunno if it’s still up.


@ZMike I got your private message. Let me see if I can compile it for Windows. The zombie mod will be going back online tonight probably. I got some other development to do before hand.


the thing is i am running windows and he is using linux and his father compiled the .run for him so even if he sent it it wouldn’t run

omg thanks so much i have been dying to play scene 2012


@ZMike the zombie server is online. Beware the bots are gruesome. @blowfish and I gave it test run. A few little bugs we may need to fix but other then that all good.
Just look for XZombie Mod

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i played but then i didnt i couldent even rely play my screen whas going every were and i was super laggy is was cool to play but it was rely unplayable

                                      so do you think you could try the compile the xtremded .exe???

@zmike there is a bug with the bots which causes a connected player and a bot to share the same slot- that’s what you are seeing.

Until we fix it, You’ll have to restart the map- once the map is restarted it will play correctly.

Probably you should do this via /callvote map <mapname> or similiar.


thanks so much

when i do that what happens is the map chages but is stays on the loading screen at 100% and i open console and the last thing it says is in red letters loading zombie cgame qvm and it just sits there forever

so how is compiling the ztremded exe going ???

I’ll restart server. Hold on.

@ZMike give it a try

@zmike I got some issues with my makefile. @blowfish might be kind of enough to lend a hand :nerd_face:

thanks oblivion and blow fish you guys are awesome but it is still doing that when i am connected to the server and it restarts/loads different map it stays at 100% and console says loading zombie cgame qvm but when i disconnect and reconnect it repeats

@zmike im going to message you

Try to ESC, and Rejoin once it does the same thing again just /callvote map atcs or another map name again.