Incentivize Designation & Donation [1.3 Suggestion]

It is no secret that many players these days are capable of whoring absurd amounts of the enemy team becoming wildly rich. As is, /donate is not a very common bind and I find that most of these whores (sometimes myself included) often sit at 9 evos/2k creds. I think adding a stat into /mystats that tells you how much you have cumulatively donated during the duration of the match will incentivize and encourage spreading wealth. Maybe even going a step further and adding it onto the scoreboard next to your kills.


I think designted builder’s buildings should NOT be able to be Tk’d or basenaded by their teammates. Adding a protection from any team bleed would be beneficial in stopping basenades and accidental luci bleed. Now respected and trusted builders can build a viable base without worrying about their team accidentally/purposely fucking it up.


What if when you are maxed out with credits/evos, any additional credits/evos you earn at that point would automatically be donated to your team (provided the whole team isn’t already maxed out) instead of being lost?

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Credit overflow was received very well by the SST player base


Wasn’t this apart of one of the trem mods, I do remember it it was either:

Z Mod
KoRx or X that would automatically distribute evos/credits upon being full.

It’s a cvar, being g_creditOverflow 0/1 if I’m not mistaken. It’s a feature that was patched onto most of the more advanced QVMs.


As maejong pointed out, an automatic credit/evo overflow cvar can be patched in to address this.

I think the idea of no tk for designated building is worth exploring, as it would strongly encourage a team to designate, and in fact maybe this should become a standard practice in pubs to have teams select their designated builder(s) by being prompted (team vote) or another mechanism (“base status ui” (like scoreboard but with information about your base structures)).

Designated builders is already a potentially game-breaking addition- It’s not uncommon to have an advance party go off to build the base and require the non-designated players TK the buildable.

Also, this sort of change would probably encourage the use of designation since it would allow you to base nade those pesky Tyrants without any damage to your own stuff.

tl;dr If you don’t want buildable friendly fire, just turn it off.


Lets explore the designated builder concept:

  1. What are the problems that the designated builder feature is intended to address?

  2. What are the disadvantages of the designated builder feature?

  3. What are possibles ways those disadvantages be addressed?

  4. What are alternative possible ways to address some/all of the problems that the designated builder system is meant to address that doesn’t have the disadvantages of the designated builder system?

That is a good example of one of the disadvantages of the designated builder system.