Infinite Build Points Server

Hope I post this on the right category but I remember how cool was to build a lot on Tremulous; infinite building until SD (30 min). And after that there was ESD (Extreme Sudden Death) where all spawns were down and the last one who was standing up won.

Do you guys consider to bring this kind of server back? uBP server was pretty popular on his time and I’m sure this one could be too. what do you think?[poll name=‘Do_you_want_Infinite_Build_Points_and_ESD_server_back?’ min=1 max=1]

  • I’m interested to play on it
  • No ty
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I did enjoy the extra strategy that came with high bp servers. We will be implementing a new kind of bp system for the Swirl Game Mode that would allow for more building and for a lot more strategy. However, while the bp will be higher than vanilla settings, it will be limited in a new way. Additionally, this new kind of bp system should make abrupt arbitrary time based events like Sudden Death obsolete, and provide a more natural flow to the progression of the games.

I hope to have this new system ready for testing on the test7341 server by the next Saturday development games.


ubp + esd was great. +1


I don’t know about unlimited. There would be spam all over the map.
I personally would lag a lot being hosted in another side of the world.

Sounds like a lot of fun though!

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I also thought that if a team reaches the next stage (Humans Stage 2 and Aliens Stage 1) the opposite team could be rewarded with 50+ buildpoints. this could make the game more balanced. and last longer?

We are going to be trying some features that should encourage smart build building, and discourage spam.

We are looking into some enhancements that should improve the performance of playing with a lot of buildables. Although again, for the Swirl Game Mode the bp isn’t going to be unlmited in the classic sense, but the engine should still be high bp friendlier for modders.

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Sparky, don’t forget about ESD (Extreme Sudden Death) either ;D

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I don’t think that, nor regular sudden death is going to be needed with this new bp system, but we we will find out in-game.

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I like 140, I like 150, and I like 200 better than 100 BP, but I absolutely hate unlimtied bp. Why? The whole map gets clogged and lags like shit. The game becomes a building game. I’d rather have freefunds period set to 60 seconds with double funds as builder than unlimtied BP.

edit: Oh and I’m okay with 400 BP. That was the default for Wonderland, which btw, had instant building enabled. There I was okay with it because I litereally faught as a builder. Some tyrant comes after me, a jetpack with a ckit… Do I jetcamp? Nah, I build a repeater and spam turrets! That’s what!


At least Unstoppable was integrated set to u’bp for fun, but must control yourself if you don’t want to get laggy. Assault is not sure for support u’bp because it’s quite big mapping and clipped many places as cannot build it by console.

I don’t know that set u’bp to server are quite not good because some mapping will getting lag if building are too many, but if anyone wants to control ourselves, I agree with u’bp for server. :wink: :smile:

[color=red]NOTE: I like playing with u’bp because I can control myself with didn’t build overhead.[/color]

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The new bp system I mentioned is now ready for testing. Here is the link to its topic: GrangerHub Forum - Tremulous Forums

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