Installing TremFusion (for playing Tremulous 1.1)

Copy+Pasted from - which is a copy+paste + additional edit from Installing TremFusion (Downloads + Tutorial + Manual) - ZdrytchX's {Reference Webpage


Some of you may and some of you may have not, heard of Tremfusion. Tremfusion is a custom Tremulous 1.1 client with more updated features, and probably has more features than Tremulous GPP (although a lot of the features were somewhat “shared” between the two). Even Unvanquished seems to have forked some features off this handy client such as VSays (Quick Voice Messages, i.e. “Defend our base!” or “Grenade!” which were actually almost imported into KoRx until its development stopped and a bug prevented it from working), 3D Glasses - anaglyphmode (two-colour filters such as those used with Spy Kids movies when you were children) and stereorendering (3D TV glasses, surprisingly, which is probably somewhat more older than the 3D tvs you find in the shops so it may not work properly with your 3D glasses).

Tremfusion has a reputation for being Tremulous 1.1’s most popular custom client, over other somewhat (or used to be) popular clients made by TJW and Risujin.
These three are not the only clients out there, there are also simple backports and even some modders even use their own binaries.

Tremfusion packages generally comes with:

  1. Tremfusion - I think its binary is named “tremulous” by default though so rename the file if you want. This is actually the Tremfusion client you play with.
  2. Tremulous -TTY - A TTY console. Text-based interface, you can join games and chat like you’re on IRC. Unfortunately you still need the maps to connect to the servers despite it being just a console based interface, you still can do hilarious things like spawning and running in circles. Who knows, you might bite someone. Not that I ever succeeded in doing so though.
  3. Tremded - A dedicated server console. Tremulous 1.1 doesn’t included a dedicated console by default on its Windows versions (macintosh users can find it in their .app file and linux users can always just build their own) so this is an upgrade for you if you do use Windows.

Linux, Windows:
4. z-tremfusion-menu-0.99r3.pk3 - Extract this into program files/tremulous/tremfusion or if you’re on linux, whatever the equivalent is. It contains the menu and other user interface data.
Windows only:
5. Some DLL files. Extract the .dll files into the same file with the binaries.


                                                    **Download Links**

Download from links given here. but I’ll copy+paste the quick links here for you anyway:

Tremfusion - Archived File Download:
kdude63’s backup {MG} repository
Github Repository (requires you to compile it manually)
Microsoft One Drive

Other Variants of TremFusion:
Aussie Assault Client Installer
includes basic map rotations and stuff required to play on Aussie Assault [which is now offline], has an easy installer, recommended for those who do not want to read the installation guide - windows only

Google Code 1 2
Additional Info about the IRC capability
*Don’t use the K/CoRx client if you’re new to Tremfusion, because if I didn’t get it working chances you won’t. And no, I didn’t get it working but I provided the link for those who are interested. As far as I know, this client and the server binary is only compatible with KoRx mod only but the server console has a great interface (Windows Tremulous Dedicated servers don’t have colours).




Installation is fairly easy if you have windows. Just download the Aussie Assault client and install it. Bam, done.

However if you’re using the zip (windows) you’ll need to drag and drop files in certain places. However before you do so you may want to backup your old binaries of Tremulous 1.1 just in case you don’t like Tremfusion, else skip to step 2.

  1. Copy the .exe files to your Tremulous installation folder. If you used the Tremulous installer, this will be C:\Program Files\Tremulous
    REMINDER: If you don’t want to replace your official tremulous 1.1 client, rename the new one to tremfusion.exe. You would always want a backup client just incase installation fails.

  2. Copy z-tremfusion-menu-0.99r3.pk3 to %AppData%\Tremulous\tremfusion. (Type %AppData% in Windows Explorer directory window to get to the application data folder quickly, and create the folders if they don’t exist)

  3. Copy gamex86.dll to %AppData%\Tremulous\base\

Hackintosh… err, Macintosh I mean

For Macs, simply copy the Tremfusion_0.99r3 directory to somewhere on your computer.
As a mac user, you should know from here on, on how to extract the .app file from the disk image. I don’t own a mac but I at least know this much, and if you want to host a server extract the tremded.x86 or whatever the file is called from inside the .app file. Yes, apparently .app “applications” are really just folders with the binaries inside them. You can also find the TTY console inside it too.

Running the game… you just double click the .app file, and that’s pretty much it I guess.

This jargon was copy+pasted from the old website before the website expired. I don’t know how to install those libraries, since I really only use aptitude for installing libraries. You can try asking someone on our IRC if you need to.

Copy the executable files to /usr/local/bin/
*Copy the Tremulous pk3s (data-1.1.0.pk3, vms-1.1.0.pk3, map-atcs-1.1.0.pk3, etc) from their installation directory (Use locate data-1.1.0.pk3 to find it) to /home//.tremulous/base/
Copy z-tremfusion-menu-0.99r3.pk3 to /home//.tremulous/tremfusion/ (Create the directory if it doesn’t exist)
Copy to /home//.tremulous/base/
You will also need to install these packages from your package manager:

libcurl (optional, but heavily recommended)
libopenal (optional)


                                              **Problems and FAQ**

Screen size is too big! How 2 fix?!?
Ikr, its default size is like 1980x1280p for some reason. To fix it, open the console [~] and type:

/r_mode -1 /r_height <screen height> /r_width <screen width>
and you should be fine. Of course, replace the with your actual screen height, and the other for width. Note the numbers should be in some multiple of 4 (i.e. 1984 is okay, 1911 isn’t) but I don’t think it really effects anything since I used 990x580 for like 3 years without and problems except a minor bent mass driver issue caused by me somehow breaking my r_stereorendering function.
If you prefer to use windowed mode use /r_fullscreen “0”

Hallp! There’s no menus on mah screen in-game!
Are these problems with menus in impure servers such as [][][]W and Bob’s OC Server?

Copy the ui.qvm from your data-1.1.0.pk3 located in your installation directory to a ftremulous/base/vm. You probably don’t have a “VM” folder so just create it. VM stands for “Virtual Machine” and QVM is hence, “Quake Virtual Machine.” Basically it means the game sort of acts as if it runs its own operating system (like windows) on its own to run itself. The advantage of this is multiple platforms, such as the guy who could play tremulous on his android.

A pk3 file is just a zip file so you can open it with winrar or just rename it to .zip temprary and extract the contents. Don’t forget to restore the zip else you won’t be able to play tremulous, and you MUST NOT edit anything inside that data-1.1.0.pk3 file else your client is no longer “pure.”
If you want to modify the contents for personal modifications just copy and paste the data-1.1.0.pk3 in the same directory and rename the new one to something like zzz-data.pk3 and feel free to edit that one.
If you can’t open your pk3 file just download this instead. (Actually that’s my custom ui.qvm for my GPP-1.1 mod but based off the lakitu7-qvm source)

The reason why you must have the ui.qvm is because the default one that tremfusion provides is “broken” as it only provides details for the main menu but not gameplay, hence needs to be replaced.

If you want to check if a server is “impure” or not use /serverstatus and the server info should come up. Check if sv_pure is “0” - which if it is, then the server is impure. This isn’t a bad thing in general, but it may be for pure tremulous assets + tremfusion installed over it. Also note that the Aussie Assault Client variant of Tremfusion shouldn’t have problems on impure servers as the client installer was intended for Australians connecting to Aussie Assault, which was an impure Tremulous 1.1 server. If you have these problems anyway, you can try doing these steps anyway and if that doesn’t work, try contacting me (see bottom of main page for contact info).

BAAAH Screen too bright/dark!
Use /r_gamma <value between 0.5 and 2.0> (The value might be able to go outside that range but I doubt it’ll be useful beyond that.)
If it doesn’t work there’s another cvar but I can’t remember what it’s called. There’s a somewhat high demand for it since lots of people on “newer” systems don’t like using hardware gamma. Even Unvanquished suffers this problem, only that they made it worse by actually removing the variable itself [laughs on the floor]

There’s my porn (or whatever) I viewed in the past 5 minutes spammed all over the screen!
You have probably been tricked into using /r_showimages “1” - set it back to “0” and restart the game completely. Although you can’t see the console after you’ve accidentally set this command variable the console still functions, so you’re typing blind and fingers crossed you didn’t mistype the variable. This variable is basically an old troll trick for messing around with gullible people, and it shows the images stored on the RAM basically.

[more FAQ] to come… maybe?]
[Note that my website should always be up, so if grangerhub goes down try searching on google for “tremulous reference site tremfusion” and click on “Installing TremFusion - ZdrytchX’s Stuff - Google Sites” which should link to here]

                                            Anymore queries? Ask around here.

(Note: I did not participate in coding this mod, the expertise you should ask is probably Amanieu, he’s on #unvanquished IRC
and he knows a lot more about TF’s features)

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The instructions listed in the first part are wrong. The .dll should go into %APPDATA%/Tremulous/base. The menu pk3 in %APPDATA%/Tremulous/tremfusion and the .exe binaries in /Program Files (x86)/Tremulous

It works for me if I place it in the binaries folder. I don’t have it in the appdata folder this whole time anyway.

I still have the original Tremfusion install (zip file) for Windows.

No point in taking a server (advertised) version, I uploaded it to Onedrive (Long link since short ones are temp)
Just extract this to the tremulous gamefolder (optionally, rename tremulous.exe to tremfusion.exe)

And for clearance on the DLL location, gamefolder (or system32, but not recommended :P), right next to the tremulous.exe of tremfusion.

I have enough links… maybe, for windows but not enough for mac/linux. I’ll add your link

The pk3 isn’t mandatory btw. I haven’t used it in years.