Introducing the Schachtmeister (beta)

What is the Schachtmeister?

It is a feature that automatically performs a whois on people to determine whether they are using a VPN or not, and/or are connecting from specific ISPs, all of which are taken from a register that has to be, for the time being, entirely manually edited. It displays a score in the namelog so admins can know directly if someone is using a VPN.

Here Desala’s score is -10 because his ISP was registered. Known VPNs are marked in red and their scores start from -50 in our current configuration.

[Repository link] (

The Schachtmeister is currently being used on Der Bunker servers and is a very important part of keeping Desala at bay.

The Schachtmeister is being developed by Enneract and DevHC who are both part of Zittrig’s development team.


@Weimar This seems genuinely useful, thanks for your submission.