I would like to give an idea to humans
in stage 2 they unlock an invisibility device
equal to basilisc, if you stand still you become invisible but if you walk or attack becomes visible, it works like this,
the player uses this device and is invisible but for a certain time 200 seconds per second, after that time ends the device remains a time without being able to be used,
the aliens can still feel their presence, and charge weapons like lucifer cannon on being charged to shoot reveals the player, and also reduces slightly the damage of each weapon to not get unfair to the aliens, the mass driver that should kill with 1 shot the dretches will leave them with 1 hp or more, and although I’m having ploblemas with tremulous currently I still manage to go into servers and see what’s new but making it clear I can not play because of lag, and also humans can take the invisibility as well but this will give a time of 1 second for electric weapons to work already bullet-powered weapons will not have suffered this symptom then what do you think?


This is an interesting concept, invisibility for humans is a neat idea and I think perhaps they should have some form of it. Humans are technologically advanced, I see no reason why they shouldn’t have an invisibility pack or something of the sorts of a cloak for ambushing or tactical offense / defense.

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What about a structure that generates invisibility? It should completely hide both humans and their structures within a certain radius, but it should also prevent defensive structures from firing and stop working if humans start attacking or charging Lucifer cannons near it. It should help humans to build forward bases, obviously not useful for small maps like A.T.C.S., but might be useful for large maps.


can also be

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There is already a form of invisibility in the Korx mod known as “Cloak” which could be ported and modified as needed.

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