Invisible Assasin Alien

Hello again, it’s Milk/Cheese with another concept. Thinking about predator movies gave me an idea.
It’s a weak alien with a really weak basic attack. However, it has a special ability.
The player can right click to cloak, becoming invisible and draining energy (reactivate to uncloak) While cloaked, the alien gains a large movespeed bonus. Attacking immediately uncloaks the alien and drains all energy, dealing bonus damage based on the energy drained and the victim’s current health. If the empowered attack kills a human, the alien immediately regains 100 Energy.

While cloaked, the alien is still visible on radar and if humans are close enough, alerts the closest human about its presence (through an indicator/audio cue)

Certain human structures may have the added ability to detect and reveal the alien while cloaked.

The concept will probably be a T1-T2 alien that loses effectiveness as the game goes on.


NS2, in a nutshell.

Then, that’d one shot a human? 100 energy lost, bonus damage to the attack, attack + 100?


The current invisible basi we have implemented on GrangerLab and Unitremia is a lot like this proposal, with some differences. The basi can charge for invisibility by holding down the secondary attack button (in the same way you would charge for a pounce, or trample, or luci, etc). While charging the basi is visible. The basic basi becomes visible if it moves, the adv basi can remain invisible while moving. If the basi is damaged, it becomes momentarily visible, also while it attacks it becomes visible. The basi can’t be seen on human radar while it is invisible, and turrets don’t detect the basi while it is invisible (but teslas, rc zap, and medistations can still attack it).

I am very much liking how this basi is playing out so far from both the alien and human perspectives in regards to game play, but we will still probably adjust various aspects moving forward.

More information about these new developments of the basi is discussed here:

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Not really, it doesn’t have to necessarily convert energy to danage in a 1:1 ratio. We could have different ratios to test like 0.5, 0.1 and so on