IRC chat integrated into Grangerpub server

My memory is a little hazy here so sorry if things don’t entirely make sense.

A few years back on Unlimited BP server, you had the ability to connect through a bot in-game using an IRC client. From there you could communicate with players in-game remotely (on your phone) using the IRC… I believe it was… X chat? The bot was also able to execute some commands, like Wikipedia definitions of keywords, and translate languages. (similar to nightbot on twitch chat)

I know we have some talented people here so is this a possibility for Grangerpub? Having people constantly communicating is key especially with 1.1 and 1.2 mixup.

Thanks for any help in clarifying what exactly that program/bot was and if it can or cannot be added to Grangerpub.


mapbot basically acted as a bridge between the server and uBP’s irc channel on freenode. mapbot had a irc daemon and sat in the channel and would relay chat to the server using the !print command, and then would relay everything said in the server (iirc via parsing of the games.log) back into IRC.

there was !define which used a regular dictionary for defining words, !udefine which used urban dictionary, and !translate used google translate to translate a specific word or if no arguments given would translate the last sentence anybody in the server said.

!geoip was also another neat command where mapbot would automatically give you the details of a users location and hostmask in admin chat upon connecting, helped with catching ban evaders.

unfortunately i dont think the code for mapbot is available anywhere, i don’t see it up on forrest’s github :frowning:

but there is river-tam, ddos’s cool IRC bot mainly used for tracking their clan-wars, but I also believe it has similar IRC bridging capabilities.

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Mapbot! Yes! That was it, thanks. :smile:

It was a really good addition to the game, helping boost activity and merge language barriers.

I am still in contact with Adeya, is it possible he would have the code amongst the server files? I could go ahead an ask him to forward them our way.