Let's spam reviews on Linux Mint community

Since Tremulous is back to Linux package manager, let’s write few (hundreds) reviews!

We have high chances to revive Player base! Like in the old good days where F D and Korx were full!
PS. Tremulous isn’t placed in “GAMES” category, not to mention FPS, that need to be fixed!


Spam no, that’ll make us look bad.

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I’m not aware of that listing, does it actually install GrangerHub’s 1.3 client ( https://github.com/GrangerHub/tremulous/releases )? We haven’t pushed to get trem on the various distributions repos yet as we don’t consider it to be in a ready enough state.

To summarize:

  • The client needs its file system to be overhauled
  • The client needs various finetuning
  • The game logic isn’t finished yet
  • There are major unfinished server issues
  • It isn’t straightforward enough for setting up a 1.3 server
  • The latest 1.3 game logic and the latest client 1.3 client are not yet compatible with each other.

With that said we are currently focusing on completing the server and game logic related issues, and we are close to having a 1.3 server sustainable enough for regular activity with at least the Vanilla game mode (that is similar to 1.1 vanilla game play). Also we will be making significant announcements in the coming weeks about our progress, the direction we are heading, and how are getting there.

It is important that we handle any and all promotions ethically. With that said, when it comes time to actively promote the game, There would be nothing wrong with each of us writing unique reviews on various public platforms ( like one review from each of us for each such platform, we should not attempt misleading tactics like actually spam/etc), encourage others in the community to do the same, and contact any and all friends we can reach that previously played trem to help with the promoting as well.

However, I feel we should wait a bit longer for us to get the quality of the game to a sufficient enough state to offer a good experience to new players. First impressions are essential to the success in a proper revival of Trem, and I feel that we only have one more chance to achieve a proper revival, so we should do that right.


I tried the flatpak installer in Mint, which was pretty easy to use- but it had some trouble pulling one of the needed dependencies (seemed like a bug with flatpak). It worked by simply clicking the install button again and retrying a couple of times. As far as user reviews go, it would be good to see some honest and heartfelt words that would help new people understand what trem is all about, and maybe give them a good reason to check it out themselves. I do agree with sparky that grangerhub should be done ( or done enough) with our new mode of play before we push to promote it- because we want people to be playing what we are making (and not get turned off by 1.1 only play).