Let's turn Tremulous into Dragon Ball: Fusion Gun!

A gun that fuses the user with another human. The fused human gets:

  • 200 HP.
  • Fusee 2’s weapon, ammo per clip and spare clip count stay the same (but see 2x battery pack).
  • If one of the humans has an upgrade that the other human doesn’t have, the fused human gets a normal version of that upgrade (with the exception of the armor, which will get weaker if the other fusee is unarmored). However, if the fusees have upgrades that occupy the same slot, the upgrades fuse:
    • Armor:
      • The resulting armor is colored red to allow aliens to see that the human is a result of a fusion.
      • If one of the fusees has a battlesuit, the fused human has a battlesuit.
      • If one of the fusees has light armor/helmet and the other doesn’t, the fused human will have it, but it will only offer 70% protection.
      • The protection the fused armor offers is 60% fusee 1 + 60% fusee 2. The value is calculated separately for every body part. For example, if you only buy light armor and fuse with a battlesuit user, the resulting human will wear a battlesuit with poor head protection instead of a light armor.
      • Helmet + battlesuit = battlesuit with a 70% range radar.
      • 2x helmet = 140% range radar.
    • Blaster + blaster = 30 damage blaster.
    • Grenade + grenade = grenade with 200% range but same damage.
    • 2x battery pack = special battery pack that gives +100% energy ammo.
    • 2x jet pack = faster jet pack.
    • Battery pack + jet pack = battery jet pack (combines them both).

The control over the fused human switches periodically between the fusees (eg. every 10 seconds), so that new players can still play and learn instead of being reduced to mere fusion material for more skilled players.

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This sounds like a good way to teach teamwork. Fused players would be required to communicate and coordinate well, or erratic (yet perhaps amusing) actions would result.

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Sorry for massive necro.

I really like this idea, looks fun and beneficial to improving at the same time. Also my thoughts exactly Hendrich. :stuck_out_tongue: