Line of Sight Placement of Buildables

Line of Sight (LoS) Placement of buildables has been implemented as an optional mode for builders. This builder mode will only be available in the Swirl Game Mode, and is activated while holding down walk as a builder. LoS Placement allows for building on surfaces different from the one you are standing/wallwalking on, which makes building easier and faster in many situations. This mode of buildable placement ignores other buildables and players, which means you can place on the other side of them, however, this also means that you can’t use this mode of buildable placement for buildable stacking. Conventional placement relative to the builder’s position is still available while not holding down walk.

This feature is now available on the [color=#33CC33]test[/color][color=#00E6E6]7341[/color] server.


So how does this work exactly? Does it basically unlock the pitching of placing buildables?


The traditional way buildables are positioned is that there is a point projected forward a fixed “build distance” in the direction where the builder faces and then from that point there is a trace projected downwards. The Line of SIght placement projects a trace in the direction you look, up to twice the other “build distance.”

The LoS placement does allow you to place buildables in some positions and orientations you couldn’t before, and in many other situations it at least allows placement to be easier than the traditional method. Although there are still situations where the traditional placement does allow for easier placement, which is why we have a toggle ability between the two methods (not to mention you could only stack buildables with the traditional placement method).

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Well, literally will be spam on it. :slight_smile:

With stacking on dcc, rc/repeater or arm can be more advantage for saving some space to build base. If you can combine with LoS, it will be more excited than traditional buildables way.

I hope you can make it out some more cool things like that, Sparky. :grin: :thumbsup:

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There is an advantage to having the option for buildable placement to “pass through” other buildables with the LoS placement, and that is you can place buildables in hard to reach locations (for example behind the reactor in a corner).

The traditional method of placement seems fine for stacking at least for the current stackable buildables. But if we can figure out a convenient way (particularly related to the choice of which button(s) and/or key(s) to use for this) to toggle stacking versus passing through other buildables regardless of the method of positioning, that could be advantageous in some situations.

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I thought this was an awesome feature. My concern with it is how it behaves when pushed towards the extreme end where I think I remember the build model disappearing.

I would really like to see the build distance I wqs using with shift presist after I depress the key. This allows me to dial in a comfortable setting for the room I am in.