Literal turret farm

Make a new game type.

  1. Humans are given a fixed amount of turret seeds in the beginning of the game.
  2. When a seed is planted in suitable soil, it will develop into a fully grown turret, say, in 2 minutes. At the same time it becomes operational and, if powered, will be able to defend itself.
  3. Fully grown turrets can be reaped by deconstructing them. Reaping a turret doesn’t give you extra BP.
  4. To win, humans have to grow and reap at lest 50% of the seeds they were given in the beginning.
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Would alien eggs be indestructible in this game mode, or perhaps would aliens be spawning a different way. Would this game mode be timed and aliens would win if the humans did reach the 50% objective you have mentioned above, or would aliens win if they kill all nodes and all humans like in “conventional” Tremulous?


Soooo what about the aliens? Do they get to watch the humans plant seeds like a wholesome Sunday morning of National Geographic?

No, alien eggs should not be indestructible, but aliens shouldn’t need overmind and, if all eggs are destroyed, the game should create more.

Human win:

  • Reaping 50% of the seeds before time limit.

Alien win:

  • Time limit hit.
  • Aliens destroyed more than 50% of the turret seedlings.
  • Aliens killed all humans and destroyed all nodes.

Would aliens be able to build?

  • Aliens should be able to build, but they should only get comparatively few BP (about 150).
  • Humans should get a greater amount of BP (600?) than aliens to make defending seedlings actually feasible.
  • Mappers should be able to mark map geometry as soil so that turrets can be planted in it.
  • There should be a turret pot buildable that costs 30 BP and has 125 HP to make it possible to play this game type on any map. If a pot is destroyed while the turret in it is hasn’t fully grown yet, the turret is lost. Mappers should be able to disable building of pots on their maps.
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lamefun, have you been playing Plants versus Zombies?