Make Tremulous Unsad Again: Reinstating Saturday Games

Continuing @dGr8LookinSparky’s tradition of Saturday Dev Games, let’s set up a fixed time so people who want to play Tremulous can get together again.

Currently, servers are mostly empty and there are barely some random games with less than 5 people happening on some weekends. I know that I and others are dropping into servers to check and not finding anyone. Others are just checking server listings like Zittrig and get discouraged by seeing 0 players (or the sad moderator player on the Der Bunker servers).

If you would like to see enough people to play some games, please respond to these polls:

How often should we have games?

  • Every Saturday
  • Every weekend (changing days)
  • Every other weekend
  • Once a month

0 voters

What time on Saturday is best for you?

  • 8am EST, 12pm UTC, 1pm CET, 11pm ACT
  • 10am EST, 2pm UTC, 3pm CET, 1am ACT
  • 12pm EST, 4pm UTC, 5pm CET, 3am ACT
  • 2pm EST, 6pm UTC, 7pm CET, 5am ACT
  • 4pm EST, 8pm UTC, 9pm CET, 7am ACT (Sunday)
  • 6pm EST, 10pm UTC, 11pm CET, 9am ACT (Sunday)
  • 8pm EST, 12am UTC, 1am CET, 11am ACT (Sunday)
  • 10pm EST, 2am UTC, 3am CET, 1pm ACT (Sunday)

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ACT is a bit of a weird timezone i’ve not seen anyone use until today, had to look it up and google kept giving me the state (australian capital territory) which is a different timezone to australian central time (which is incorrectly calculated at +11 UTC, its actually +9:30 UTC. I live on the west coast so I’m actually +8 UTC and most australians live in east coast so they have some weird funny business with daylight saving but generally speaking its +10 UTC

Yeah I was totally confused about Australia time zones and wasn’t very knowledgeable about south-east asian time zones. I thought ACT was Canberra, which should be Sydney? Ok, so I will not touch this poll, but keep that in mind for the future!