Manually constructing human buildables with "repair"

We are testing a new feature for the Swirl game mode where the construction kit no longer uses a build timer, can place any number of buildables that are in a simultanous constructing state. Once a human buildable is placed by a construction kit, for the buildable to fully construct, you must use the construction kit to “repair” that buildable. Multiple construction kits used on the same buildable can accelerate its construction. The defense computer can automatically construct any constructing buildable but at half the usual construction rate.


Wow, I like this feature!

What would you do for aliens though so it balances?

Interesting concept.

Granger Spit at the constructions.

We plan on implementing “deployables” which would be “mini-buildables” that any human could carry and drop (like with nades now) that would allow making temporary forwards to assist ckits while they make the forward more permanent with regular buildables. This feature is only going to be available in Swirl.

There are major changes planned for the alien build system which will include what we are calling an astral granger. These features are also only going to be in the Swirl game mode.

I’ll be posting more detauls about deployables and the new alien building features in a separate topic later as we implement them.

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