Map release: ATCS Update

TITLE: ATCS Updated Version (formerly known as ATCS-R)
FILENAME: map-atcs_update_v1.X.pk3
DATE: 25.05.2016
GAME: Tremulous (


General license:
-Everyone is allowed to play this map on their pc or host it on their server/ provide a download link
-SkyBox by [HAU]TOT,
-this map is based on original ‘atcs’ by nicolas “jex” jansens |


  • optimized brushwork = slightly reduced polycount
  • new mars skybox, sky light correction
  • high compile settings
  • full vertex lighting including occlusion on all surfaces
  • radiosity bounce
  • ambient occlusion approximates light attenuation due to occlusion
  • lightmaps using high resolutions lightmaps

Important notes:

  • This is an UNOFFICAL update.
  • It’s not supposed to hurt anybody’s feelings.
  • You can like it or not but please respect artistic freedom.

-initial release
-gl2 sun added
-light corrections
-brushwork enhancements (lower polycount)
-texture fixes


It looks good.

whats up with the skybox? it looks lower res than the original

ATCS with sunglasses on mode

ATCS Update is now available to play on the GrangerPub server, the GrangerClub server, and the test7341 server.


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@matth, Nice map, it’s good to see someone still making maps even a remake. (I love atcs ;))

May I know what tool you use to make your maps? I’d like to get back into it… :stuck_out_tongue:

Idk if you use GTKRadiant or NetRadiant but I can’t seem to find any links for them :frowning:

Anyway, Keep up the good work.

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GTKradiant is more stable as far as I remember, I’ve never had anywhere as many problems as with netradiant.


Thx for the info and link.
I’ll get back into mapping :wink:

Hey thank you :slight_smile:
I use different modelling tools and other various software but its mainly done in NetRadiant.

Regarding ATCS Update:
new version released. See first post.
-gl2 sun added (for newer clients) :slight_smile:
-light corrections
-brushwork enhancements (lower polycount)
-texture fixes

Have fun!

OOhhh. I want to play some atcs now! :smiley:

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ATCS Update Version 1.1 is now available on the GrangerPub server, the GrangerClub server, and the test7341 server.

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And cancer also added to the map. When we played it our retinas burnt out… So much changed like in atcsr very wow. Plz make atcs 2016 I cant wait to see it. Well atcs 2015 looks like a techno party Im just missing the music there.
Tbh I dont think atcs would need another remake or whatever. Atcs is atcs. Doesnt matter if you sugar coating it and put on chocolate buttons and glitters there will be only one true atcs and thats the original.

(And just beacuse I write a comment here for the first time I would like to note the narrow edge’s missing textures and the utcsud’s pipe stuck shits have never been fixed because yalt aka matth doesnt give a fuck.)