Map request Sokolov

This map is great and made by lava croft :smile:

here is the download link

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:joy: :joy: :joy:

This map always had huge performance issues on my old PC, I wonder if I can actually run it now :open_mouth:

That link dosn’t work :frowning:

here is another link

Your first link broke because when you copy/pasted it it copy/pasted shortened with an ellipsis in the middle. Your link:

Correct link to download the map from the MG mirror.

In general, I recommend using BetaServ’s paklist for all of your map request needs.

Here’s the link to Sokolov on the paklist.

Direct download link for the map from BetaServ.


thanks for the help menace :slight_smile:

btw maybe we should backup our downloaded maps onto some medias having quick access to these files in future.

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