Map requests: remove mudkip_b1 and add mission_one_b7

Every time that I’ve played mudkip on the server so far, the humans have reached the final base first. After that it’s a waiting game of about 2-5 mins depending on how slow the other team is. As soon as the aliens arrive, they’re killed off pretty much instantly. The gameplay is horrible and the length of the map rarely exceeds 15 minutes, and most of those 15 minutes are people complaining about how shitty the gameplay is.

  • Remove mudkip_b1 and replace it with mission_one_b7
  • Remove mudkip_b1, don’t add mission_one_b7
  • Don’t remove mudkip_b1 and add mission_one_b7
  • Don’t remove mudkip_b1 and don’t add mission_one_b7

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Adding mission_one_b7 is not an option at this time, as the server has a bug with one of the area doors that needs to be fixed. We could remove mudkip. There is another mission type map that includes an area with a chequered floor with random death squares, a maze, a room with a large pool of acid with protruding sticks for hoping across on, and some other obsticals. I forgot the name of this map, does anyone else recall this map?

I think this style of map; like mission maps, time based objective maps, “cannon” maps, maps with other movers (moving geometry- doors, bridges, crushing ceiling, roflcoasters, etc) as a major play mechanic, and any other map that heavily changes the focus of play in that style, SHOULD NOT go onto GrangerPub and instead should be placed on a new “challenge” server (also to be used for duals and scrims). When players join GrangerPub I want them to fight with guns and bite with aliens- not run an obstacle course.

So…lets get that server up and running then.

I disagree with RomDOS because I feel that the current low player population should not be split up AS OF NOW since we want GrangerHub to GROW, not expand. I think what should be done is that these “Mission” and “LOL SO RANDUMB :DDD” maps should be grouped under a QVM command such as !listfunmaps that are not on the default server rotation and can only be played by having everyone vote on them.

That way, the majority of players (who know of this sekrit command) have the choice of playing these maps when the default rotation gets stale, otherwise most of the time you’ll just have people playing on normal maps. I think this seems like the best compromise without expanding needless resources.

aw, seeing mudkip get removed is like removing my leg, something important i need that ATLEAST keeps me entertained.

But judging by the votes, r. i. p in peace mudkip

I disagree with the idea of having scrims on a public server, shit’s just going to end up like this ''gtfo we have a scrim to do and don’t have whole night !scrim on !restart"

Mission maps aren’t a problem imho, as long as they follow the typical mission one pattern (obstacle course, 2 mins to build a base and then fight), EG not mission-impossible

Alright, until the mission one glitch is sorted it can’t be added. The main problem I have with mudkip is how dreadful the gameplay is for aliens. They take ages to get to their final base (because granger=fat) and then when they reach it they’re killed straight away because of the gate opening so quickly.

Is the source for Mudkip available? Maybe someone with some mapping experience should fix that. Then perhaps we can update the web server with the updated map pk3.

Open another server for scrims.

As for mission one. I was there that day the map didn’t work properly and I say ive experienced the same problem on different servers with the door not opening at the end. It happens because too many people PILE up at the door and when aliens reach final level it doesn’t open

all the scrims that never happen

mudkip is removed, and spmission is added.