Mission maps are too easy, we need ones like these ported

we can always convert our flame thrower, lcannon and pulse rifle so we can emulate the quake 3 equivalent.


The missions maps aren’t only too easy but severely overplayed, it’s really beginning to bore me. Any map that will replace it is greatly welcome.

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This is great and i want to train strafe jump( :

Mission Maps are very good for honing various skills and for encouraging team cooperation. They are also good to play when there are very few or no other people on a server. We need a lot more, and they need to be challenging and unique, and considering other quake based games already have a lot of them made, porting would certainly be a relatively quick way to enrich the Tremulous experience.

Who would be interested in starting this process and work on porting a good one?

All mission maps are difficult if you’ve never played them before. The only reason they appear to be easy for you is because you’ve played them so much. Some people (all the whitenames on the server) find them more challenging. Mission_one_b7 is a classic example; the finishing time can range from under 4minutes to over 15 minutes for humans; it’s dependent on whether or not there’s someone good on the team.

Sure, but us old trem folk still need new entertainment :wink: .

new entertainment ;);););):wink:

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oioi :wink:


cheeky :wink:


Just so you guys know I do have a partially completed map on cuboid called tremstrafes. As you can tell by the name, you would need to know how to strafe jump however human’s side isn’t so demanding.

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