Modding Tutorial #1: Preparing

Hi guys, i decided make tutorials about Modding Trem!

so it’s first.



  • Install MinGW here -

  • After install you get Window, set in checkbox C++. C, G++, and othercompilers

  • Next, press Start menu, My Computer, and press right mouse on it, in opened window press Change settings, then Advanced>Envirumpent Varbies, in system varbies, you can see Path, edit it, at the end type ;C:\MinGW\bin (or elsewhere where you installed MinGW, but do install MinGW in default C:\MinGW :stuck_out_tongue: ) so in result Path varbie gonna be have look "C:\SOmePath;C:\AnotherPath\To\idk;C:\MinGW\bin

  • now, you need Tremulous 1.1 or GPP source! you can download it from Official Trem repo in GitHub or (if from tar archive, if you set “install sourcecode” when installing trem), so extract it to exemple, em, C:\TremCODE

  • now open C:\MinGW\msys\1.0\ and run msys.bat as ADMINISTRATOR!

  • You got terminal, type there cd C:\TremCODE

  • Open Makefile in any text editor set BUILD_GAME_QVM to 1, and others BUILD_ to 0 (This if you wanna build QVM!!!, if you wan’t Client = BUILD_CLIENT = 1)

  • Now in terminal type Make and press enter, enjoy :stuck_out_tongue:


here is uber easy!

  • Open Terminal in any methods, which you know
  • cd PathToSource;make


Thanks NewSource. I’ve requested that some people check this out and help you clarify some of the steps you outline here. I wrote a compile guide for trem on mingw that has some more info:

On release we will have working MS visual studio project files (.sln) too if people want to compile on Windows.

Well lol…

our tutorial is too good, but hard (exemple now some links is dead…)

exemple, copypaste some OpenAL src, and other…
but for compile ONLY qvm, don’t need OpenAL

So i maked tiny tutorial…

And about video, THIS ON RUSSIAN, but in video i using ENGLISH Windows, and you can see wut i doing :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw about sln: Projects like trem is hard compiling in ms visual studio…succsefull there i compiled only RTCW source :smiley:

If you think that’s hard, try back porting latest Makefile to an older 1.1 client. Surely your eyes will melt.

I’ve always preferred to build the windows binary on Linux.

(Ill fix the PLATFORM variable later, is wrong)

$ PLATFORM=mingw32 ARCH=x86_64 make

@romdos why won’t you guys point me to you’re repo. I am hoping to not need to do backporting some 40,000+ lines of changes; just so I can have an baseline code to work against.

*Edit: Turns out those are the correct variables after all.