MST3K Style Spectator View

Add an additional style of spectator view:

…except use tremulous players & structure models for the silhouettes. View would automatically cycle to different players / views to watch the action passively like a movie. The spectators would have a taunt like BOO and also a cheer / applause (amongst other sounds) that the other specs hear. (heard by players too, as an option if they desire).

Credit to dGr8LookinSparky for Spectator taunt idea.


I think some variation of this can work, though personally I think players would like a choice if they prefer having a line of black models obscuring part of the action. I think making the models small and the UI transparent for spectator view will be an improvement so that people can see whats going on.

One system where this worked really well was OnLive (rip) where you can watch anyone’s live performance. You either gave them a Cheer (+1) or a Jeer (-1) based on what you saw. I think one way this idea would benefit is if the scoreboard at the end of the round is modified to also display Cheers/Jeers for each player.

This idea sounds great for competitive matches and players who love nothing more than to lurk all match and eat up player slots.