Music command

Hi, I have a quick question. Does anyone know how to use the /music command? Or where to create the folders for the sound files?

Never heard of it. It plays sound files placed in your music folder?

Not sure if it plays your own music, but it does play sound files from maps like, the elevator from spacetracks or the ambient music.

wait /music /musicstop probaly this

Yes I know that but, I need to know what folders to make so the command works.

exemple of using:
play “path/to/sound.wav”
play path/to/sound.wav

Can you tell me the actual location to put the sounds?
I didn’t really understand the example :sweat:



exemple base/sound/sound_lol.wav

in game just do /music sound_lol

Just a quick question, can the sound be played on anyone’s server, not just locally?

only if they on serverside too.