New alien class: Mole

Add a small wall-walking alien that can make all of its body except its eyes intangible. It can then travel with most of its body inside walls with only its eyes exposed.

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What does it do when it is not wallwalking? How does it attack people?

Maybe it could function as a scout that is hard to detect but can be killed with the right weapon. As a scout it could actually spy on the enemy’s base to see where everything is but lacks the ability to attack? Just a thought i have without any serious thought process.

A perfect state of mind for this category!

Some ideas for this class:
It’s a scout.
It is hard to see or notice it, due to only the eyes being visible when wall-walking.
It CAN be killed with the right kind of effort (perhaps it is immune to conventional projectile weapons but weak against energy based stuff?)

It has some sort of attack - Idea:
Make primary attack lay sticky creep web strands that slows humans down (but not aliens or their projectiles). For instance: start on one side of a room (in the wall), press attack to set the first anchor of the strand, wall-walk to the other side of the room (in the wall) and set the second anchor point, and then a web grows between the 2 points.

The amount of webbing it could lay could be limited and have a slow recharge, where ‘longer’ webs use more of the charge, so in effect it would be able to make a good amount of webs in a smaller hall space, but fewer in larger areas.

Secondary attack: Recall webs and make yourself a webby armor. Press and hold alt fire near your own webs to take them down, spinning them into an armor (removes the strand and adds hitpoints to a ‘shield’ that you have).

My vision of it is a less overpowered version of New EDGE Basilisk. It should be able to bite and fight like normal, but it would need to get out of the wall and become tangible again. Should take eg. 1second to get in or out of a wall.

Would human defences detect and/or attack it when in range? And/or perhaps would there be a building that temporarily blinds it when in range?

Maybe when “hidden” it should only be vulnerable to blasters. :laughing: