New class aetherling

aetherling would be an alien that can shoot poisonous darts (mouse 3) can also shift through walls (bind), it has a speed mode where is forms in a ball and rolls quickly rechargeable attack (mouse 2). it can also claw (mouse 1). wall walk too!!!

comment ideas :smile:

ok got it

This is the category to explore ideas like this. Don’t worry about balance. Continue on Sunphantom.

I really like the name. Rolling around really fast whilst phasing through walls AND wall walking would be really confusing. The darts sound really fun, I dislike how the goon “barbs” are kinda like slow blobs.

How many evo would it cost?

maybe 2 or 3 idk but thanks tho for reply

Aether: the ancient Greek personification of the clear upper air of the sky.


ogod pls no