New Death/Hurt Effects

Tremulous should become more real life based including the death type. When you die you just fall flat on the ground backwards or forwards. But what if the ability during death that a limb/head/body part was to be cut off or this could happen at random times during a slice from a tyrant. And this should be applied only when a human is struck to death by a “Tyrant” “Dragoon” “Adv Dragoon” Or “Marauder”. The aliens should also have this ability when blown up by a grenade or saw’ed into bits. Humans should also get bite marks from “Dretchs” that will last only a couple of minutes after the bite. Being Healed would also remove these effects.

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Implementing a gib system would be fucking sweet. In fact, shouldn’t the code still be intact over from Quake 3? Granted we lack artists, but whats so difficult about modelling and texturing ugly ovals of red/purple gibs that go crazy all over the place after a kill?

Then again, Tremulous wasn’t overly violent and I’m not sure if people want it to go into that direction. It made it easier to recommend to everybody, so it depends on what direction Tremulous is going to take moving forward.