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We need new rules, better rules

We need rules that weren’t made by a 12 year old with a power fetish. Detailed rules that put the burden on the administration, not the idiotic players. Or, yknow, just don’t have rules besides the obvious “don’t fuck up the game” rule.

Please elaborate. Are you talking about only the website rules, only the game server rules, or both? What particular aspects of the rules do you feel need improvement and why?

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Blue, you pm’d me yestereday, what you maded that troll clan [NaZi] Because GrangerHub needs “Better Rules”

And yes, i suggested you figure out that with Sparky or cron, so you are in right side right now, goodjob.

How do you want to have this:
“Maintain a safe, friendly, productive and fun environment.”
and this?
“ursing, foul language, swearing, profanities, trash talking, distasteful/controversial/taboo/offensive chat, disrespecting both players and/or admins, as well as any other undesirable chat that doesn’t violate any of the rules are ALLOWED (but not condoned, encouraged, nor recommended), and are NOT valid reasons to mute, kick, nor ban (neither by admin nor callvote)”

New rules: any insult, trashtalking = 1 hour ban.

Power to the people that’s how.

This article elaborates on GrangerHub’s position on chat and free speech in-game:

I believe that would lead to an environment that would be highly tense, restrictive, and unwelcoming. There would also be more possibility of abusing enforcement of such a rule. A server that would have and strictly enforce such a rule would likely not be very active, at least not with the size of Tremulous’ current playerbase.

Additionally insults and trash talking are common friendly interaction between friends.

I don’t know why did I even try…

might as well ban the entire server population

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I can’t do nothing if you are a impolite population, it’s not my fault if your parent didn’t teach to to say Hi , GB and don’t say fuck u etc…

excuse me but i’m a girl and i think U are the one who is developmentally challenged if ur parents raised u without u understanding the difference between CONFLICT and PLAY ^^