NoS vs (><) (WIN) sort of.. (2-1-2)

NoS team:

your face
Sword or EspadaLegendaria
maebong (sub)

Xeno team:

(><)Af (Affairs)

Played humans and won the first round, did aliens and also won.

Played a quick match and drawed.

Highlight of the game:

@faceman sorry

In the end, Xeno concluded that they won because they are just too awesome so we accepted that.

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maebong granger for aliens

To be fair, this was a rusty 3of12, a trackpad Ripeflesh, Affairs (who isn’t in Xeno) and Ingar (who arguably isn’t in Xeno).

why is this thread here :confused:

Everyone sucks on trem anyways including fk. Except for me

why are we still here?

just to suffer?

burto pls delete thread

Your mate posted this out of false pride. Ask him.

EDIT: If you want to see real scrims with Xeno check out Fk forums, we have a winning record.

[Flame war on]

Did you post all scrims?
Did all scrim finished 2-0, or there’s any 1-0-1?
1-0-1 is a tie or a win?
It was best of 3 or the first who win 2 rounds?

P.S. I know already the answers.

[Flame war off]

Hoping Xenocide comes back, we need more clans (real xenocides). @FaT @Bug we need a forum mates.

nos won 2-0

you would know a thing or two about that :stuck_out_tongue:

and by the time Fk’s trem domination campaign was in full swing, xenocide had already been out of the trem scene for quite some time, and was really just a remnant of what it was.

I definitely agree with you here, but they had a full team of actual xeno members and at least a week or two’s time to train up a bit.

u guys are pathetic. I will pwn. brb

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