Oblivion here

Not much to give. If you know me back from 2006 in tremulous. Then you know me already. If not, I go by oblivion and I’m a legend :wink: just kidding although I’m well known through the trem community when it was popular. I also host dedicated servers and websites. Was the owner of gamez-host.com at the time of 2006 before I sold the company in 2012. Now I just do independent hosting. Will be looking to get back in game here real soon. Let me know if I can help with anything. Thanks


Hey obli! :smiley:

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Hi obli. I am the only legend here braahh challenge accepted :> lol welcome back


Glad I got some replies. I made a post in tremulous.net and i got referred here after 3-4 days haha. Normally replies were instant when you posted. I sure have missed out on the kill. Thanks for all the genoristy and welcoming me back. Spamo, there’s no challenge now, I’m old and washed up. :joy: However, hopefully I can get the game installed this week. Maybe put a 1.1 server up :slight_smile: who would join me?


what sup oblivion!!! bring back D*T!!


How many votes to bring back D*T :eyes:


Hi @oblivion! :slight_smile:

Welcome to our forums! Nice to see you.


Thanks guys. Love the welcoming party. Keep it coming

Welcome to GrangerHub’s forums @oblivion blivion :slight_smile: ! Feel free to look around and get familiar with our forums. Be sure to check out our community guidelines ( GrangerHub Forum - Tremulous Forums ), and if you have any questions about this website and the existing topics in the GrangerHub Meta category ( GrangerHub Forum - Tremulous Forums ) doesn’t address your question(s), feel free to start a/some new topics in that category regarding your question(s).

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Thanks. So it seems if I want to put a server online I’m going to have to recode D*T :frowning: does anyone have a place where I can download any necessary mods/patches ? Tjw is offline now. The sourceforge website files are missing. It’s a pain in the ass :joy: If I have to recode from scratch it’s going to be hell to pay.

Hi @oblivion welcome to GrangerHub and the GrangerHub forum :smiley:

Is this oblivion with the cyan and red name?

I had a multi color name back from 2006-2010. You may know me as GoDz|Oblivion, GH|Oblivion, or even PK*Oblivion. As of right now, I’m solo, and I’ll be noticed in a ALL RED name.

So u’re the American Oblivion. Anyway welcome.

Yes, the only one that matters :wink:


@oblivion , found this:

Oh wait, Dretch*Tsunami not dretchstorm, doh, nvm :slight_smile: .

Oh wow. That’s the code I had before I lost it. And Dretch*Tsunami code was never uploaded. So yeah it’s lost haha. The storm though that’s the next best thing. Thanks for that.

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Welcome :slight_smile:

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