OMG My antivirus keeps deleting my trem(TOPIC CLOSED!

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I Already have AVAST installed,
AVG is on trial for pro,
and the AVG exclusions do help for when scanning,
AVG only deletes trem due to the firewall settings which is
“alert the user of programs or files acting weird or strange” i think it is.

any way

Are you running multiple antiviruses at a time? Don’t do that.

Yeah, thats like having more than 1 girlfriend at the same time, if they find each other, things get messed up. Same happens with antivirus softwares.


in fact, why r u running anti-virus software at all ? it’s just a waste of time unless u’re directly connected to the Internet, or r running a shitload of untrustable applications, like pr0n.exe.

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Kinda a side effect of playing trem on the internet :wink: .

But if you had pretty much any operating system that has proper security measures that isn’t Windows, you would not need an antivirus program.

It is more like wearing multiple condoms simultaneously, which is not recommended.

WRONG. sit behind a NAT’d router much like u sit behind a line of turrets.