Page logs me off after refresh

This is getting really annoying :*(

I cleared my cookies a couple of weeks ago since it was about to explode yet other sites log me on automatically like GameFAQs etc.

help pls

Logout, attempt to log back in and click the keep me logged in button.

Funny thing is I can’t even reach the log in page on the forums, only on the main page.

Clicking your portrait at the top right and going to log out doesn’t redirect you to the forum login page?

kit u forgot the

< /helpfulmemberofthecommunity >

ps: yes i know the brackets are supposed to have no spaces, but text dissapears otherwise feelsfuckingbadman RarePepe PepeFeels

I don’t get that reference.

Naive Ckit FeelsGoodMan

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No but instead it sends me here

Download google chrome and when it requests to store you password click yes.

no thanks chrome is super slow for me

Did you install the version compatible with your OS? Try 64bit.

It really shouldn’t run slow, it’s comparable if not better than Firefox and I am confident it would fix this issue.

Yep, my processor is terrible plus chrome uses more processes for every type of plugin like flash or youtube and Firefox only uses one.

For some reasons I’ve always found firefox slower than chrome

There is no login on the forums - you must login on the main page.
@burrito are you blocking page elements with a plugin? There’s no topnav menu being shown… (Which has the login/logout link).

Log out by clicking:
which will automatically redirect you to a login form.
Click “remember me” and log back in.

@romdos no i just had scrolled down so the bar wasn’t visible

So did that fix it? Also if you cleared cookies there’s a “This site uses cookies” notification at the bottom of the screen. Did you see that?

Not really, the issue is still there. Although after I cleared my cookies I did see that notification and I clicked Got it