[PASSED: 2] Spamo

Lol can i have like some sort of kick immunity, I’m tired of being vote kicked for ‘‘hacking’’ or aimbot lamer shit lol

How often do you get kicked, and do you have any proof of being kicked (screenshots/demos)?

Just recently today, he got kicked by a player named “Noob” because he was mass driving everyone. Then when he came back aliased as “omaps” he got kicked again for mass driving. Until he didn’t join the match

Noob has been kicking loads of people today, he was trying to kick ‘Pain’ or Police as everyone knows him. But I can confirm. That spamo was unnecessarily kicked

yeah he kept calling me out as well “FUCKING PROTECT SHIT ADMIN”

No. You constantly break the rules.



Rofl i rarely play now. What rules do i break. This server has so many retarded rules i lose track.


even less reason to get l2 then

Somewhat true. But i wouldn’t be posting about level 2 if this wasn’t consistent. I am almost kicked every time for “hacking”.

‘pain’ has level 2 for immunity I believe. as he kept getting vote kicked and he plays a lot less than spamo does. level 2 doesn’t have commands which are extremely abusive does it?

Level 2 (a.k.a. Under Hovel Protection):

This is basically a level 1, with vote immunity.

lmao give the nos seine his l2, fucking hakr

This is under discussion.

i would say you should’ve thought about that before you ruined the games (by tk, killing structures etc) or break rules. to get kick immunity should first gain trust

I don’t see why not. He hasn’t caused any trouble in a while besides forums trolling. Everytime he is on the server while im connected, he usually keeps to himself.

i’m not talking about trolling forum. a few times he was kicked because of his behaviour, not because of potential hacking. and as long as admins believes a player may cause troubles on the server, that player should not have kick immunity.

although i totally agree that spamo should be immune to ‘kick because of hacking’ i see other reasons why people may want to kick him. unfortunately we don’t have any technical means to distinguish those situations automatically. so unless he starts behaving correctly i think he should not get the immunity.

also i must admit i haven’t seen him for a long time so i will believe if other admins say he has changed

I don’t know where i tk structures and such things unless someone is impersonating me. I also have not seen newb play in probably a month or so i say…So yeah. It’s whatever. I’m not making it a big argument or not. Was just a question. Because now days i connect and sometimes in the mornings there arnt admins around in my time zones and all these Italians form an alliance and kick me lol.

There’s 15 rules - all of which are not hard to follow.

If you can show that you understand them and won’t break them (ie, don’t be a dick), you can get L2.
If anyone reports you, the immunity will be removed and you’ll receive an extended ban for that rule’s violation.

Little Spamo has ‘grown up’ a fair bit since I remember X days. No constant trolling or spamming, no rule abusing or mutes every 5 minutes.
(Not to say he doesn’t)

My perspective of Spamo’s ingame behaviour recently, he is quiet, under various aliases and just trying to play the game. Even when he has his original name, I do not see a problem.

I support level 2 because I believe people can change, learn new ways and shouldn’t be punished by other players for doing so.

Just my $0.02

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can l2 still be kicked / banned / muted by admins? if so im all for giving him l2 because the aimbot kickvotes really are annoying.