[PASSED: 3] Burrito 5th app

• Who are you known as in-game, and what is your registered name on the server:
NoS:Burrito or nos.burrito

aliases: nos.riskitforthebiscuit

• What is your timezone/What time do you play tremulous and how often:

I play trem mostly all day on the weekend and maybe weekdays unless I am busy or just doing something else

• Why do you want admin on GrangerPub:

I recently witnessed an evaded mute vote on some brazilian named OVO and only one admin was there. The lack of admins especially in the morning and night kind of disappoints me and I would like to take part in maintaining order and safety in order to keep other players from being irritated by trolls.

• What is your past admining experience:

Level 4 on F server (now dead )
And a couple of other servers that used to be alive but either abandoned or I just don’t remember

• What do you think are the most important qualities as an admin:

The most important qualities of an administrator would probably be to never biased or side with a player against something and to always show respect even if you can just ban anyone in the blink of an eye.

• What level are you applying for:

• Is any level 6+ admin willing to vouch for you (Can be left blank):
Anyone here can vouch for me since right now there are no admins past level 6

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I’ll vouch for you burrito, good luck :smiley: !



Thanks for applying borto. I have noticed a slight positive change in your behavior, though I question your maturity.

If you were given this opportunity how would you respond to one of your friends (let’s say Spamo) breaking a rule?

Have you read the Code of Conduct? It is mandatory for all server staff.

How recently? Where is the report?

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Your insatiability to retort my administrative and even social standing really urges me to F2 this application. That being said, you are one of the more reasonable NoS members, if that adjective even fits. While I would think Zodiac and Leg have your clan’s administrative presence locked down, they are increasingly inactive. Don’t be such a jackass, and express actual desire to change this server for the better and you’ll have a wholehearted F1 from me.

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Happened sometime before I posted the app and I had a witness there @Helper_Bot and Kommand but he rarely gets on the forums. Also, I will read the Code of Conduct soon.

And about Spamo… if he were to break a rule, I’d have to take action. Even if he is my clan member and we are good friends, it still wouldn’t matter. It’s like not muting a guy who gave you a thousand bucks. And then you mute someone who you don’t even know. Wouldn’t be very fair.

I apologize, honestly. I think to myself, I need to stop being such a moron if I am trying to do something good for the server yet one hour later that statement becomes completely false. Unless I actually do what I promised, then there will be better results. I am glad you still have faith me and you just don’t say something like "F2 this guy because he is showing absolutely no interest whatsoever. ’

On a side note, Zodiac and Legit are on a road trip and apparently they will be gone for quite some time, maybe a month or two.

Good luck

i am the only unreasonable nos member i know of. well maybe spamo too.

p.s. u r an emotionally unstable individual

I really don’t agree with your statement about him, face. Bird isn’t really what you think him to be.

It’s true and good luck @burrito :slight_smile:

Coming from a person who just called himself unreasonable.

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WEL u know what they say my boi

takes one to know one


Get back on topic.[quote=“burrito, post:6, topic:1626”]
Also, I will read the Code of Conduct soon.
This should have been the first thing you did after reading my post.[quote=“Hero, post:4, topic:1626”]
It is mandatory for all server staff.

Yeah well, reading a rules page at 12 am isn’t very fun but I took the time to read it right now.

What are your thoughts about the Code of Conduct?

I agree with all of them, they seem reasonable and not something you are forced to do.

Good luck booger. F1 gg

durrito thx for applying but i’m inclined to F1 ur application because of ur clanmate’s criminally false accusation of aimbotting vs. my indian doctor. like has been said before in this thread u can see that nos ppl do not respect authority and ur superiors (like me lol ^^) and the rule of law and there’s rly nothing more important than that b/c we’re trying to run an internet game server here. so yeah. :smiley:


your ‘‘friend’’ has been harassing my clanmate and so, he decided to take action against your sex ed teacher and has provoked him pretty darn good