[PASSED: 3] Dracone's Admin Application This Is Real You Cannot Stop This

• Who are you known as in-game, and what is your registered name on the server:
Registered name is something weird that I already forgot after I went to ask 2 minutes ago, LSD|ThatWhenCanWhere or something. Wiles, Good luck, get fucked, IWillLayEggsInYou, KingOfBaslick, Dracone are some more names for you to impersonate me by.

• What is your timezone/What time do you play tremulous and how often:
EST. I tend to play in the afternoons and early evenings lately on a regular basis, or just whenever I see Spamo and feel like damaging his self esteem.

• Why do you want admin on GrangerPub:
It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything on a forum. Also, I would like to show that I can get admin in fewer attempts than Zodiac did. Furthermore, I want to infiltrate the administration of this server to overthrow Sparky’s tyrannical reign, for we all know that he is the cruel dictator running this show and it needs to stop. Honestly though there are just too many times when I’m playing and some bastard ruins things. It happened today in fact and I was so scared and by the time newb got there it was too late. I need to feel safe!

• What is your past admining experience:
I had admin on AA for a good long while up until I admittedly accidentally intentionally abused one day, banning some nobody who no one cares about for just a few years or so, unjustly, I guess. I got demoted and then didn’t abuse and used my admin fine but for some reason it got taken anyways, never complained or appealed though because I became a mild griefer instead. Just kidding maybe. I’ve had admin many, many times before though at other servers from years back, don’t think I’ve otherwise abused or anything. I’m a good boy.

• What do you think are the most important qualities as an admin:
Being able to use revert properly so you don’t give the humans a complete base minus the reactor. Patience too maybe, and impartiality when it’s called for, but mostly knowing how to use revert because what the fuck good is the base you give me back when someone decons it if it doesn’t have a reactor? That’s not a base. In all seriousness though the most important thing is just knowing when to NOT use admin. There are votes for a reason, in the end you can ruin a game for a player or players a lot harder with bad administration than anything you can actually do in the game.

• What level are you applying for:
4, but give me 5 or whatever the highest one is if you think I deserve it, which I do, thanks. But I really just wanna be able to revert what griefers do and get rid of the griefers themselves for a bit, I’m legitimately not a huge fan of games getting ruined just because no admins are around.

• Is any level 6+ admin willing to vouch for you (Can be left blank):
Taylor, Shuffle, maybe Sonic just because of the old days when I called him out for his warp slightly less than everyone else did which he probably appreciates plenty to this day.

Note: It’s probably obvious that I say a lot of stupid excessive things while I’m on the server or come across kinda trolly, but I would hope it’s blatant that I’m joking. In any case, I’ll add that if I ever were to cross any lines, I’m very easy to get to stop and apologize, and there’s also a chance I won’t destroy any admins, players, or their pets in the aftermath.

Thanks critters.

Ayy m8
Hopefully poll will go up asap so everyone can start f1ing already

Goodluck though, not that you’ll need it with my vouch ofc

Np fuckboi, but i’m still f2’ing you for hacky basi “skills”

Welcome to the GrangerHub forums, and good luck Darcone :smiley: ! I hope you are successful in overthrowing the tyranical regime of Spanker, or whatever that douche’s name is.

who are u?


i think it’s dFishySmellingSharky

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That’s not important at all ckit, finding yourself is the real objective of any human

Who Am I? The Struggle

Who am I? A few years ago on an international flight, I found myself in
deep conversation with a woman who was on her way to a New Age self-help
conference. “You have all the truth you need inside of you,” she told
me. “You are god.”

Months earlier, a high school student told me about his abusive father.
“I’m sorry,” I said. “You don’t deserve that.” The young man looked back
at me with hollow eyes and said, “My dad says that I deserve it. He
thinks I’m worthless.”

Recently, a student leader at a large Christian school admitted to me
that he struggled with same-sex attraction. “I used to think it was just
a phase,” he said. “But I have come to realize it’s who I am.”
Who Am I? The Identity Crisis

Throughout our culture, there seems to be an identity crisis. People do
not know who they are. Daily, we are bombarded with lies. “You are what
you look like.” “You are what you buy.” “You’re just an animal with a
conscience.” “You are whatever you choose to be.” “You are nothing.”

No wonder people are confused.

What’s behind this struggle of identity? It comes down to worldview.
Because we are made in the image of God, God is the fixed reference
point on which our design, purpose, and value are established. If we
want to know who we are, we must start by looking up (at Him), not around (at others) or within (at ourselves).
Who Am I? The Spiritual Element

Who am I? For those who reject or forget God, like atheists, humans are
just here. What makes humans valuable? We look around for the best, the
brightest, or the coolest. Of course, those who are weak, disabled, or
otherwise misfit are left out. History, as well as the daily news, tells
of the horrible consequences of this way of thinking.

Pantheists, on the other hand, say that god is an abstract principle in
all of us. Therefore we need only look within for our value. Of course,
some find in themselves a desire to help others, while others find in
themselves a desire to hurt others. If everyone is god, whose view is right?

Without exception, cultures that fail to recognize God inevitably
dehumanize people. The biblical worldview, in contrast, teaches that we
are brilliantly created by God and designed for His noble purpose.
Though sinful, we can be reconciled to God in Christ and come to a
proper understanding of ourselves.

I am a living, breathing organism signified by the words ‘human
being’. I am a material or physical being fairly recognisable over time
to me and to others: I am a body. Through my body, I can move, touch,
see, hear, taste and smell. The array of physical sensations available
to me also includes pain, hunger, thirst, tiredness, injury, sickness,
fear, apprehension and pleasure. In this way I experience myself, others
and the world around me. However, there is another aspect of me not
directly visible or definable. This is the aspect of me which thinks and
feels, reflects and judges, remembers and anticipates. Words used to
describe this aspect include ‘mind’, ‘spirit’, ‘heart’, ‘soul’,
‘awareness’ and ‘consciousness’. This part of me is aware that I can
never be fully known or understood by myself or by others; it notices
that although there may be some unchanging essence which is ‘me’, this
same ‘me’ is also constantly changing and evolving.
So I am a physical body and an emotional and psychological (or
spiritual) being. The two together make me a person. Being a person
means that I have virtues and flaws, gifts and needs, possibilities and
defeats. I am basically good, but I am capable of evil. I am neither an
angel nor a monster. Being a person means that I am a social animal,
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simultaneously knowing myself as isolated and solitary, with many
experiences which are never fully shareable with others. However, I also
realise that this paradoxical condition is a universal experience, and
this enables the emergence of empathy and compassion for others as it
affords glimpses of understanding and solicitude, mutuality and
intimacy. Being a person means that I am like all other persons, but
also unique. It also means that I can never provide a genuinely
definitive answer to the question.


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@DarkMicrobe I’m not reading that.

@Dracone I also don’t know you, on top of that, I don’t memorize names in game, so if you don’t stay with the same one I won’t recognize you unless you are registered and I can see it in the player list. It took me months to learn bird’s numerous names and still is hard for me to know if he’s online.

Ckit, the naive spot in fk is a tough one to keep hold of, i’m sorry broski but i think woodbury takes the cake you’re done bby </3

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Weren’t you “protecting” se7en when she was getting votekicked b/c of troll nades? Or like you lost your shit and started votekicking everyone out of the server some day

idrc, such funi

Your poll is up sir

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@Woodbury Sorry, I’ll just keep the one I’m known by then. Don’t think I’ve run into you anyways though since, in any case, I’m the only active LSD member who doesn’t have admin, I’ll stand out one way or another. Usually by my name being ridiculous.

@MaeJong I don’t think it was that but I am reminded that I lost my shit at the time, for sure. I believe it was because someone blocked me one too many times and I also didn’t much care to NOT ban them for like 17 years for it. In my defense, I set a good example for admins everywhere of what not to do as an admin. I’d say I’m a permanent role model for admins.

Besides taylor, I have only seen another LSD member online, it was once, in narrow_edge, and he/she deconned om for fun which I had to revert and kick, was it you or another one?

Naw I think there’s also some random mexican

Ur registered name is LSD|TheItThatWhenIsCan if I remember correctly

There are only 4 of us really, and Denton would always use his name if he came around. Always with the “LSD|Name” format. Must have been an impersonator or something like that. I don’t remember anything like that, nor would I ever just decon like that anyways.

@MaeJong That’s the one.

I just remember that he/she used the LSD tag and colors, and taylor was on at that moment, also he confirmed it at that moment that he/she was a real member, I just don’t remember the name. I’m almost sure that taylor told me that she was a she. Don’t take this as an attack or anything, i’m just trying to figure out who exactly you are in my mind database to know exactly what to vote.

Yeah that makes more sense. It was definitely NOT me then. I’ll absolve myself right here and now to get the paperwork out of the way.

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Dracone you lil fuckboi why you have a fucking bear as profile pic when u pussy af?

I’m overcompensating heavily through fierce profile pics, as is my lifelong way.

Aight imma f1 u for l4 now, i appreciate honesty in an admin, which is why maejong needs to be setleveled down to -1

yes this majong fagot always abuser and pity troll scum only has admin because he lick high amins but we will see who laugh when i tell sparky about his abusing shit

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