[PASSED: 3]Hobbit 2nd Application

• Who are you known as in-game, and what is your registered name on the server: Hobbit, plus a few one off names but you would be able to tell Registered server name is ‘Gematria’

• What is your timezone/What time do you play tremulous and how often: UTC+00:00 I’m probably one of the most regular players from the Euro region and I can play pretty much daily after my job till pretty late at night to cover for other admins.

• Why do you want admin on GrangerPub: Well Games flow extremely well sometimes. But there are cases where we have games where no admins are online to !revert for blatant decons. !warn for rightful reasons. But more importantly to keep the games free flowing and trouble free for an enjoyable environment.

I believe one thing may Hinder my application because of the name PWM or $ or Dubz have picked up. We have a reputation yes I agree, sometimes good, sometimes bad. But one thing for sure is they would never influence my decisions with any of my admining on the server. They are my clan mates and friends but Honestly I can say this truth. I’d like to mature through this and come forward and show that I can become an asset to this server through the times when no other admins are online or when disputes need to be handled with maturity.

• What is your past admining experience: I have had admin on a fair few servers.
AA2 - Level 4.
FOT- level 6.
KORx - level 3.
SST- level 3.
Winebar- Level 3.
PMW servers- full admin control except rcon.

• What do you think are the most important qualities as an admin: Well recently I believe I have become a better player towards the server guidelines and I’ve been calming myself down, not letting anything phase me and learning the rules and how to sort of keep within them as also stepping outside of them. So I think it’s important to know the rules. and use commands when situations can’t be controlled by means of talking or PM.
Also I believe that I have gone past my old self and become more stable. I believe you can also trust me more so now more than ever as I have grown up from my past self. Using powers must be kept to a minimum in my eyes so other players can trust that you wont use them for every little thing that goes wrong.

• What level are you applying for: 5 would be appropriate For thing I had discussed in this application I believe.

• Is any level 6+ admin willing to vouch for you (Can be left blank):I believe Bird is willing

Thankyou for your time again.
Any questions please feel free I will answer truthfully and willingly

As a little disclaimer. I admit to abusing Bird back on AA2 with the !mute command. I can definately say this will not happen again to anybody at all. I believe Bird has also seen that as well as he has willingly put his reputation on the line by offering to vouch for me.

Hello Hobbit,

Your application is detailed, covers most things we look for as a criteria when judging how an admin will fit in.

Although I must ask you, why level 5? You have said you will use level 5 “for thing I had discussed” yet I find no clear statement which describes any reason.
Not that there is anything wrong with applying for level 5, just would like to see more evidence that would incline admins to give you a higher level.

Thanks for applying and good luck!

Thanks for applying, your poll is up.

Well I meant as in with the commands wise, as when there are no admins on, or no admins with the necessary commands it becomes hard to control the server. For example the other day admin X whom was only level 3 did not have the commands to pause, revert a base nade, then the following game a decon. and the server then was starting to empty of the population due to people getting annoyed. I believe level 5 across the euro timezones would make me efficient.

Thank you for your fast response to clear things up.

Good luck! @Gematria

Hey, thanks for applying. Undecided.

thankyou kind sir likewise to you!

Take all the time you need, I know I have a lot of past behind me which can cause a bit of controversy.

Thanks. I like the honesty in your application.

Good luck @Gematria :slight_smile:

I’m willing to give you a chance because bird is your vouch and you wrote a solid application. We should talk over Discord sometime this week.

good luck dude!

Thankyou I applied as you put your trust in me. I shall not abuse that.

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Good luck @Gematria :slight_smile:

Thankyou Billy

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Thankyou, i appreciate it. I’m sure that can happen at somepoint this week.

Thanks man!

Good luck man!

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Nice app Hobbit, I’ll vouch too.

no longer secret though AM I YOU DUMB MOTHERFUCKING IDIOT