[Passed: L4] Machine Medic

Who are you known as in-game, and what is your registered name on the server:


[center]I do not alias. Anyone who claims to be me under a different name or different variation of characters is a fraud.[/center]

What is your timezone/What time do you play tremulous and how often:

[center]Central Time.[/center]

[center]Weekends: Generally most active between 3:00PM-12:00PM, or 4:00AM-9:00AM.[/center]

[center]Weekdays: Between 3:00PM and 7:30PM during working days.[/center]

[center]My activity varies, but likely 90+% of the time it is somewhere between 6~30 hours per month.[/center]

Why do you want admin on GrangerPub:

[center]I am tired of seeing people cause grief and get away with it.[/center]

What is your past admining experience:

[center]Accepted into Contra Clan in 2011, promoted to moderator, sub-leader, and then co-leader. During that time, I have had experience with a command set on [color=red][[/color][color=yellow]STARBURST[/color][color=red]][/color] that is much broader than GPub’s Level 9 (**see below).[/center]

What do you think are the most important qualities as an admin:

[center]Attitude. People who have power and are eager to use it are equally as destructuve as people who have power and are afraid to use it. Power should not instill excitement or fear; but respect.[/center]

[center]Power is a tool. The nature of the person wielding that tool determines whether a product that is broadly good or bad will be created when it is used.[/center]

[center]I myself am of the belief that power is something to be bestowed rather than sought out. If I had my way, I would not be making this application. It has been our practice in Contra Clan to selectively offer power to those who have clearly and repeatably demonstrated an attitude of care and respect, as well as an aptitude for making wise leadership-level decisions.[/center]

What level are you applying for:

[center]Level 8.[/center]

[center]All of the commands I am comfortable and familiar with, none that I have no use for (i.e. !rcon, !global, !flag etc.). I know better than to immediately ban a suspected wallhacker without getting a second or third opinion first.[/center]

Is any level 6+ admin willing to vouch for you (Can be left blank):

[center]It has been a number of months since I asked, but if my memory serves me correctly, at least the following 6+'s have agreed to vouch for me at one time or another:[/center]

  • Sparky
  • Cron and/or Ckit (can’t remember which)
  • Woodbury
  • HelperBot

[center]I know that there were more than that who agreed to support me, but my memory is fuzzy. If they know that I am applying and they still wish to vouch for me, then I am sure that they will speak up in my favor.[/center]

** In addition to the below commands, I have also had access to !denyweapon, !credits, !invisible, and others that were lost during server code changes.[spoiler][/spoiler]


Your poll is up.

Good luck with your app, Medic!!

I saw.

However, I still feel that I would be more of an asset with an unhindered command set. !invisible, !adminlog, and !map are valuable tools for passive moderation, supervision, and problem solving, respectively.

There have been more instances than i can count of servers loading maps that aren’t installed in the repo, effectively locking everyone out unless they download manually or already posses the map. If stubborn players manage to actually load that map, the only way to revert to a ‘playable’ map is with !map or by calling a map and !passvoting it.

I unequivocally F2 your request for L8.

Please apply for a valid level.


gl medic i vouch

Good luck Medic. :wink: :thumbsup:

Btw, you didn’t have any high experiences for being L8, I totally disagree.

[spoiler]Just like me, I didn’t have any high experiences because I’m still studying my course in college without some free time to play it, so I’d stay in L4 admin and have good old common permissions.[/spoiler]

What does college have anything to do with leading a clan and running a clan server? I was a co-leader years before I ever entered college. During the active days of [STARBURST], I know I logged at least 100 hours per month most of the time. Tremulous was essentially the only game I played back then, and one of the only things I did in my free time.

I’ve dealt with subnet bans, globals, !nobuild zones, multiclient players, watching people while invisible, the whole deal. Been there, done that.

The fact that I only play 6-30 hours per month now has nothing to do with college: I graduated some time ago. I simply don’t have the interest in playing a public server as intensely as our old clan server. Gpub and club are kind of fun, but I don’t play here for the same reasons that I played [STARBURST]. They are two entirely different communities with different philosophies, characters, and attitudes. Gpub and club are essentially the AA, X, W, and Z of the current era: We knew that there was a distinct difference between the [STARBURST] community and the lettered servers way back then; it was the reason why many of us in Contra never cared to leave our own server and go play anywhere else. No other server enforced good behavior and civility as effectively at the time.

It doesn’t help now either that my stamina is limited by working a full-time job in the construction trades during the weekdays, fixing things that have been constantly breaking around the house or in my car every other weekend, and attending training all day during a Saturday, Sunday, or both. Forgive me if spending my last three hours in the day listening to 11-year-olds whine, kick, and scream online doesn’t always sound like a good time.

If you would like an extra hand to help take care of your servers whenever I am around, then I would be glad to help. But please don’t make sweeping accusations about my life based solely on your own, and please don’t expect me to devote my entire life to this server. I am freely offering what experience and knowledge I have to help you guys out when I am around. Take it or leave it - but don’t make a stink over free help because “you weren’t around in 2006” or “I don’t think you’re active enough to solve every little problem”.

[/petty gripes]


Medic, this response was surprisingly confrontational. I don’t believe Billy Razor was trying to give any impression of “sweeping accusations” but rather explaining his lack of experience based on his circumstances (college).

Btw, you didn’t have any high experiences for being L8, I totally disagree.
Just like me (in comparison to L8 status)blah college blah

I fail to see anything in his post “accusing” you of lacking free time because of “college”. At most, he disagrees with L8.

Fair enough. It is your free time and it appears that you would be a great help to the server, based on your experience. However, it is not a good idea to vent your frustration incorrectly, especially in an admin application.

I agree.

Anyway Im the only one who noticed that trend, people come back to play and wants to be admins right away?

I havent been playing for like 2 weeks but before, I rarely saw medic playing and I was playing dailiy for hours.

Recently? I have not. I hope that is not meant to be applicable to Medic. :slight_smile:

GrangerPub can use all the help it can get atm, especially near the Winter season where activity is dialed down and high-admins are busy.

As Medic has explained, LIFE™ kept him busy. Perhaps he wishes to go back to the game he loved and might as well offer his support?

Ohh okey. So if Im gonna come back I should apply too? :smiley:

I’m sorry. I just found out I had to buy a new refrigerator this morning. That, coupled with what sounded like BillyRazor saying that I don’t devote enough time to Trem struck a bit of a nerve:

Maybe it’s a language barrier, but that’s what I picked out of his writing.

If that wasn’t his intent, then I apologize for snapping. If that was his intent, then I still don’t appreciate people saying that I don’t play Trem enough for aforementioned reasons.

I LIKE to play trem once in a while, but lately (particularly the last three months), it has not really been high on my list of priorities when I have other things to do like pull everything out of the freezer, grab a hair dryer and a stack of towels, and manually defrost the evaporator coils because the fridge isn’t getting cold enough.

Seems I was kinda right.

[quote=MachineMedic]LIKE to play trem once in a while, but lately (particularly the last
three months), it has not really been high on my list of priorities[/quote]

LOL, would you care to foot $1,800 for me to buy a new fridge, or should I keep my day job?

Tbh I dont give a fuck about ur real life problem. I dont think others do too. Git gud.

At least I have pizza.

If you’re looking to start trouble, go argue on KiK or ingame. An admin application is not the place for trolling.


Im sorry you started to talk about your fridge and I dont think that should be in admin application section. Thats your real life problem. Shouldnt be discussed here.

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My IRL issues hold relevance to the topics at hand here, Rinspeed. Your “Git gud” comments don’t.


Nah, don’t sweat it. I won’t hold it against you. Life outside of college/university sucks all the money, free time and patience out of your soul, so its important to keep Tremulous as chill for everyone as possible. :sunglasses:

Lets not. Come on, guys. Atleast 1v1 each other in-game.

The reason why I’m inclined to agree is that its important for GrangerPub admins to be aware how busy an applicant will be IRL.