Petition to remove Thanatos from the rotation

  • I would like to see Thanatos removed from the rotation
  • I would really like to see Thanatos removed from the rotation

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Awful map, makes me want to pop my eyeballs out with a rusty spoon.

Sign here and be rid of the map.

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It is a good idea to recommend another map to fill the gap in the rotation. I also don’t like thanatos, but at the moment I don’t have another map in mind.

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I’ll be honest. I was the one who initially recommended Thanatos for the map rotation. However, while I do still like the map, I have met almost nobody else who shares the same feeling. Furthermore, while it was a semi-popular map for GPP in scrims and in pubs, the gameplay on the map does not translate as well to 1.1.

So, while I disagree with the sentiment, I agree with removing Thanatos from the rotation.

Let’s replace it with atcs lol.


ahahahha I didn’t want to say it but yes

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Recommend a good map for 1.1 vanilla game play to replace Thanatos with in that range of the rotation (that is not atcs nor atcs based). (I’m not saying at this point so far that it will be removed from the rotation).

Illuminati confirmed

Current Map Rotation For GrangerPub US East:

There is more than enough atcs in rotation 2, but for some bizarre reason bird votes for atcs ALWAYS pass, so having 1 more ATCS in the rotation is not worth it when bird plays, because its a constant ATCS playing anyways :wink:.

I’ll search for an ATCS like map to recommend, right now I can only think of one but I’m sure the majority is going to turn it down.

Edit: Sedna-beta4

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Replace it with atcs.
In fact… replace all of the ‘‘atcs’’ maps with the default version.
In fact in fact… Change the rotation to only acts when there are less than or equal to 10 players in the server. Two verse three with five specs on any other map is terrible.


When I said ATCS like map I meant a base symmetric map. Not a map like niveus, tremor, arachnid, etc.

I propose Sedna map.

Simple solution: replace it with nothing. Just remove thanatos.


Personally I don’t hate it, nor do I like it. I think its okay. Its decently sized for both teams (humans love big spaces where aliens love small spaces with walls blocking off visibility), both bases has atleast 2 ways to get inside and its not ATCS. Thats decent in my book.

I’m not too keen on having less maps, though I do understanding culling the ones that a server doesn’t need. Perhaps if someone is willing to explain why Thanatos is cancerous, it would be easier to have an opinion about it.

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Yeah you weren’t joking, you really don’t understand sarcasm

Thanatos is quite OK with my opinion, because that building is pretty like it with moving pistons and piston sounds, but some people said really don’t like this mapping, and I don’t know how I can to do the decision, so I choose give up for voting it and I’m neutral.


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Over 65% (a map vote majority on the sever) want thanatos removed from the rotation entirely. @dGr8LookinSparky

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100% of the server and forum population voted that they either want thanatos removed, or really want thanatos removed - sparkylogic2k16

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“i’d give you a like on your post, but the fact that you missed quotation marks really spoils the fun for me.”

  • DGr8Looking “Doesn’tGetToTheFuckingPointNorRespondToCriticism” Sparky 2k16

That is a biased poll, with no options for having Thanatos remain on the server nor a neutral option, with only 9 votes, hardly anywhere close to “100% of the server and forum population”. I can get more votes than that to remove atcs from the rotation on GrangerPub, that doesn’t mean I should nor would remove ATCS from GrangerPub’s rotation based on such votes.

Was that from a single poll 30 second poll vote? How many unique players voted in that poll? What time of day did that poll take place? How many unique players were on the server? How many of those players even noticed such a poll?

@Hero , what about that? I have not seen any arguments that address in the detail the quality (or lack there of) of the map Thanatos on the GrangerPub server. I have played the map many times on GrangerPub, I don’t see a deficit in its quality from my personal experiences that would warrant its removal. If you do, then make a thorough enough case about its quality (or lack there of), more than just saying that it is bad/cancerous/etc, give reasons, because not everyone has the same opinion.