Piles of bullshit on top of and around piles of bullshit (EGTT Extreme Edition)

input random bullshit (related to design of Tremulous) here.

in this thread, the rule of

is strictly enforced. u may not express disagreement with a previous poster, or anything else for that matter.

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omfg that’s such a fucking epic idea, i never would have thought of that !


personal scoring system

everyone can define a structure (and calculation) of his/her scoring system. eg., mine would only display team-cumulative camping statistics.

Flying rants that drop actual camping tents to help DevHC rack up his personal camping score.

Flying tyrants with torpedoes that spawn a tornado of fire at the landing spot. Humans are sucked in and immobilized and take heavy damage while in it, but aliens are free to move around it and are healed 50 hps per second in the tornado’s effective range. On top of that, if 2 tornadoes are active at the same time on a map, they can be used by aliens to travel from one to another using the ‘use’ key. Also, tyrants can evolve into advanced tyrants and make the tornado not only move human buildables around, but also make the tornado explode and deal 250 damages to any human/structure in range. Also, if a torpedo lands in a human’s crotch, they will be converted to aliens and have an AI take control over them, until they die 120 seconds later. They will also gain 1000 extra hps and 100% increased damage. When they die they will also spawn not less than 13 acid tubes on the ceiling above them, that do not impact the aliens’ BP in any way. On top of that, aliens will be able to chomp the controlled human to regenerate all of their life instantly. The human who gets mind controlled can only respawn once the 120 seconds of ‘‘mind control’’ are over. The torpedoes have a cooldown of .33 seconds, and a tyrant can stock up to 50 of them at once.


If no one is objecting against my idea, I’ll take over DevHC as a developer and start implementing this by tomorrow.


If you don’t make that into a mod, I might after 1.3 is released.

HMM how about flying tyrants that has a human targeting turret. The tyrant is a 1st stage alien that costs 0 evos. it has 100 hp but you have to break the force field which cannot be damaged except by the blaster. The shield has 600 hp and regenerates over time. the tyrant has a las gun or lucifer cannon as choices with a armoury hanging from its belly for ammo. The tyrant has laser eyes and throws up penguins who fly around like drones and eat humans. penguins have 400 hp and spawn every 6 seconds.