Please fix "narrow_edge" missing textures

Yeah title explains it really. I’m not a fan of this map but the missing textures are a bit annyoing too see. If there are solutions, please tell me thanks.

I never had this problem before, I guess because my client is GPP, or maybe because the textures were taken from another map you don’t have. I’m not sure which is the case. Have you tried GPP to see if that fixes the problem? I’ll test that map in my 1.1 to see that happens.

I ran it in 1.1 and it have missing textures. But afaik those are actually inside the pk3 of narrow edge because It wouldn’t load in gpp if they aren’t there, so i’m not sure what is happening.


I believe it’s because the map uses .png format or ‘progressive’ jpg images which are incompatible with most 1.1 clients.

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Re-download the map. I use Tremfusion and the textures never dissapear or come out as incomplete.

Tremfusion supports PNG/Prog jpegs

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Well, I guess you should move forward to a new client @Truck or wait for 1.3, because the map isn’t bad, is the client. Sadly you wont be able to use any 1.1 compatible software if you move to a new one :open_mouth: !!!

Tremfusion is a 1.1 client and can display the textures fine.

I sent a pm to the mapper bringing this problem to his attention.

If the textures are WRONG only on this map it’s because matth used only GPP to test them. The missing textures are a common issue on his maps.


Truck, just get Tremfusion.

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I think truck have 1.1 but like the first 1.1, or maybe a not public 1.1 client he created, who knows.

I’m confident it will be ready very soon.

Yes, this is a common kind of problem with the 1.1 stock clients, and a large number of the current playerbase still use that client.


To avoid any problem the mappers should ensure they are using either TGA or non-progressive JPEGs. I think nothing else is supported by stock clients for textures.

I’ve never had texture issues with that map and i run Tremfusion on 1.1.

Tremfusion is a third party fork of Tremulous, and has many improvements over the 1.1 stock client from

By the way, we should have a more interactive (easier) way of letting players download the different clients available to play Tremulous. Maybe a Forum post can help a bit.
EDIT: NEVERMIND, for some reason the interactive thingy wasn’t working for me.
Edit 2: It stopped working again, this is weird.

Use this page.

Although I don’t see the point since there doesn’t seem to be anything interesting in there.

No @MaeJong it should be this way:

Entering here Interactive

MG wasn’t backed up properly. The clients folders are empty. (or full of shit, stock clients kek.)

Also interactive or not, it works the same way…

I know, but not eveyone is a smart guy like you :slight_smile:

And idk what you said, the clients are there, just tried downloading one successfully.

You’re basically saying everyone is retarded, because I’m pretty sure even 6 years olds can browse their computer folders and mimic that action on an internet page.

Interactive or not, it’s counterintuitive because of the amount of shit you can find in there.

Link pl0x

This is not supposed to be empty but it is. Usually there’s tremfusion, TJW, risujin and shit in there.
Those are cancer stock clients.

QED, repo sucks ballz for clients.